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April 06, 2005


The author of this blog, Abe Olandres, has been blogging since 2000, just a few months after graduating from the Ateneo de Manila University with a BS in Chemistry and Computer Engineering.

Abraham Olandres

He is more commonly know in the blogosphere and IT circles as “Yuga” and has been professionally blogging at YugaTech since 2005, the same year he went full time making a living from his blogs. He’s also a guest blogger at and included in T3 Magazine‘s list of influential people in the Philippine techbiz.

A serial technopreneur, Yuga started getting into internet ventures back in 2003 after founding a local web hosting business. He has now expanded into consulting, internet marketing, advertising and organizing conferences (Search Engine Marketing Conference). He’s been to several countries (Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan) moderating seminars/workshops on blogging and new media (complete list of talks/workshops here). Yuga is also regularly tapped as resource person on TV and print. A partial list of media mentions and appearances can be found here.