Anker Astro E5 15,000mAh powerbank

As smartphones become more powerful and faster, the need for extra battery juice becomes bigger. Powerbanks with 1k to 3k are a thing of the past and the average ones starts at 5,000mAh.

If you’re a power-user (those who uses 2 or more smartphones at the same time and are heavy in mobile data), then you will be looking at 10k mAh or higher.

We’ve been eyeing this powerbank for several months now and our previous purchase from Amazon was eventually passed on to a friend (My @geekynights co-hosts @marklim and @dalekins also uses an Anker powerbank), we had a new model brought in from the US via

Prior to this, were using a 11,200mAh Momax powerbank (the one that looks like a Rimowa luggage) but we left it charging in our hotel room in Barcelona last February and forgot to pack it when it was time to fly home.

The Anker Astro E5 is probably the most compact powerbank we’ve ever used in its category (at 15,000mAh capacity). It’s just as big as the Momax but carries more than 20% power.

The Astro E5 supports 2 USB charging ports, 1x1A and 1×2.1A, a 4-point LED indicator and another LED bulb as flashlight.

With a total rating of 15,000mAh, it’s possible to charge an LG G2 up to 5 times or an iPhone 5S up to 10 times. The powerbank comes with a standard charger and takes about 5 hours to fully charge. And based on our usage in the last week or so, it works as expected.

You can check out the Anker Astro over at (see listing here) which they source at Amazon for $99. Their quoted price includes taxes, shipping and customs so it will be much higher than usual. (Editor’s Note: If you can find the items elsewhere, then we suggest go get it locally. But if you have to source it in the US or Europe, could be one of your best bet.)

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  1. Stephen

    So, can you tell us if it did actually deliver? Does it live up to its stated capacity? Or is this article just a useless plug?

    • galleonphblows

      last time I checked,’s exorbitant pricing on their items can already buy you an actual galleon.

  2. no price?

  3. For those who are wondering on the Price.

    You can get the item from Galleon PH for ?7,042.00

    Original price is $59.22 on Amazon (?2,616.34) or even from eBay $49.99 (?2,208.56)


  4. Tech Hive

    Anker is available at 5th Avenue,iStudio, Technoholics. or you may visit the

    Exclusive Distributor: Spitze Trading

  5. anonymous

    hahaha.. overpriced talaga lahat sa galleon..

  6. Kitkat

    How much is this model at 5th Avenue, iStudio and Technoholics?

  7. you can get anker products from an onlineshop, she is selling anker items at reasonable price, almost close to ebay and amazon prices, they are original and has 1 year warranty.

  8. carmelo jose

    Anker is available @ techshop28 or cnh gadgets express (facebook)


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