CD-R King sells 3G+WiFi signal enhancing case for the iPhone 5/5S

CD-R King recently posted on their Facebook page that they’re offering a 3G+WiFi signal enhancing case designed for the iPhone 5 and 5S.


The case is based on the Linkase Pro made by Taiwanese company Absolute Technology. According to the company, the case uses EMW (Electro Magnetic Waveguide) technology that “steers radiation energy emitted by the iPhone away from the head and body and into open space, improving cellular signal significantly.”

linkase pro_1

The Linkase Pro has a price tag of $39.95, or around Php1,700, on Absolute Technology’s website. While the one selling at CD-R King is priced at Php990. See CD-R King’s listing here.

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  1. Very interesting. Sana effective talaga. Mahina kase 3G sa paakyat ng Antipolo so sana useful talaga to.

  2. well this should be easy to test if its true or BS

  3. It’s basically a case with external antennas.

    • but how is an external antenna going to be of use if its not connected electrically to the phone’s antenna

      I am dubious if this works but if it does it probably works as a combo reflector and waveguide not as an external antenna. since its not that expensive some bloggers out there can do simple tests to prove if its real or BS

  4. If you’re currently getting poor signal coverage, then you should be changing your provider, rather than purchasing this case.

  5. Sana magkaroon ng CD-R Emperor store na dun nila binebenta yung mga high end stuffs.

  6. Gadgeteer

    so everytime you will use the phone you have to raise the antenna to boost signal? hmmmmm……pede if you are very desperate for a connection.

  7. im not really sure about boosting the signal reception, since this one doesnt even have a electronics inside, maybe it only helps signal reception when you pickup your phone since your hands block the built-in antenna.

    If you were expecting that this thing can fix you low signal issues in your area, wag na umasa, hindi ito high gain antenna, unless they installed a gigantic parabolic antenna right on the case, which is may not happen in real life (because they are heavy and big to be fitted on your phone).

    The only real option to fix low signal is add more towers. But stupid community in Metro Manila prevents them installing new signal towers due to their belief that they may get cancer when they have one near on their area which is a world class BS.


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