ChargeCard: Wallet-friendly charger for iPhone 5

Where’s your iPhone 5 charger just when you needed one? The ChargeCard fits in your pocket so you’ll always have a back-up on hand. The idea started as a project over at KickStarter and was completely funded by August last year.

Found the product ready for shipping by July 15 so I reserved a couple of units.

There’s one for Android phones as well (using microUSB) and even the older iPhone 4. Each ChargeCard costs $25. International shipment costs $35 so I decided to just use GCash AMEX card and have it shipped to the California drop-off address (got charged an additional 9% state tax).


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  1. edwaine

    How many mAh on that powerbank?

  2. lonlon

    hi pwede din ba sa ipod touch 5th to?

  3. If this is just a charger cable replacement, then I prefer to use a short USB cable that would be easier to keep nearby with my USB device/charger.

    • But then, the regular cable charger would not fit in your wallet. Unless of course, you carry a purse with you instead. ;)

    • jayron

      Or just head over to the local KFC and charge there.

      @ghosthunter: you from tsikot?

  4. This is quite a nifty device, I have to say. You’d never know if you need one.

  5. Iyan Sommerset

    Dunno, should’ve had some LiPo batteries in there somewhere. If it’s just a flat cable, I’d rather just have a flat cable. True, even a flat cable won’t fit in a wallet, but it will fit in the pocket the wallet will be shoved in (or the other pocket). Way cheaper too, and even the shortest cables available will be longer.

  6. i think it is too much for its price

  7. Squirt

    This is a nice idea, but could be lame in some situations.
    If i carry this and found a desktop PC to charge my iPhone 5 for emergency via USB, my phone would be hanging upside down at the front or back of the PC (same thing for wall charging IF I get to borrow or find that white cube plug). So this seems to be only ideal for laptop charging. The card is a bit thick too for a wallet. I wouldn’t want my precious leather wallet to get deformed in time. I think i’ll skip this, I still prefer the cable with enough length so I can place my phone on top of something while charging. But this product is a good start for new ideas to spring.

  8. pin_head_oi

    Avon sells a portable charger for many different brand. It takes 4 AAA batteries and costs 199p

    • Bobong tunay ka din eh. Cable lang yan hindi charger!

  9. erizol

    Since you’ve ordered a couple of units, can I buy one from you?

  10. Karl Cyril O. Vejano

    Hi Yuga,

    Just want to ask if you still have extra chargecard? Can i also buy one from you?

    Maraming Salamat!

  11. hello yuga.

    how can i avail card charger?

  12. hi, san po ako makakabili nito? di pa rin yata available to sa mga shops. can i buy directly from you?

  13. Bryan

    Hello there? Saan po pwedeng mag avail nito? Very much like to avail one of it. :))

  14. Hey, i was looking for a supplier of this that would offer me a wholesale price, i was thinking if you can supply me like 20-50 of these? Thanks.


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