Meet Nokia’s new DT-903 wireless charging plate

Rounding up the list of new devices that was launched during the recently-concluded #MoreLumia event in Berlin is the new Nokia DT903. It’s a wireless charging plate that’s compatible with all Nokia Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone 8.1.1 and are equipped with Qi-wireless charging technology.

Apart from its ability to wirelessly charge supported Lumia smartphones, the new Nokia DT-903 is infused with other features that expands the accessories functionalities.

Nokia DT-903

When paired to a supported smartphone via Bluetooth, the DT-903 can notify users of incoming SMS and missed calls thanks to an LED light attached to the bottom of the accessory.

This LED light will also emit a constant glow, once it detects that a supported phone is being charged. On top of that, the accessory can intuitively detects a nearby smartphone that has 30% or less battery and will emit a breathing glow, informing the user to charge their device.

Nokia DT-903 Philippines

The new Nokia DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate will be available later this month and can be had for USD59. It will be available in Green, Orange and White.

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  1. Hen-Sheen

    Almost close to an External Battery Pack, this device is compatible via Nokia Windows phone. How about a Solar Charger?


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