PackUp 601 Portable SD Card Holder

Sometimes it’s funny that you’re thinking of something and suddenly someone comes up to you and introduces that veery exact thing you were looking for. This is what happened with the PackUp 601 a couple of weeks ago.

I probably have about half a dozen SD cards and I always keep them inside the pocket of my laptop bag but every so often, I’d misplace them or something.

So I was looking for a small case or something similar where I can place and organize all the SD cards based on which camera I used them for (I got 2 S100, an S110, a PEN-EP3 and an OMD). Then the folks from PackUp emailed and showed me their portable SD card holders.

Each one has 6 transparent pockets that holds them securely in place. It folds in three and seals tightly with a velcro lining.

If you invest a considerable amount of money on SD cards, then these PackUp holders do a pretty good job in keeping them safe. One of the SD cards in here costs about Php8k (a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro which was given to me by the fine folks from Sandisk at the PhotoWorld this week).

The PackUp comes in red, yellow and gray colors. It comes with a clip-on and wrist strap. They are being sold for Php500 a piece (you can find them here).

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  1. Small investment for your pricey items. 1 place to search whenever you want something.

  2. This is kinda dumb and impractical. I have 2 SD cards and 2 MicroSD cards, and they’re all found… IN THEIR RESPECTIVE DEVICES WHERE THEY ARE BEING USED.

    My philosophy is, if there is a larger capacity available, then I’d sell my old one and buy the new one (i.e. sell my 16GB SD card before buying a larger 32GB SD card). That’s just downright more practical and economical. Plus, it would leave you with lesser clutter (wherein you would need a ridiculous item such as a “portable SD card holder”).

    • yabang mo

      If you’re a pro photographer. DEFINITELY you will need this kind of very useful organizer for a spare. So don’t say na this is impractical and dumb. Baka ikaw yung dumb? You don’t know what are you saying kid.

    • @yabang. Hoy, yabang, you can easily cram in tens of thousands of photographs in one 32GB SD card and offload them to a laptop/computer when it’s full. Hence, you still don’t need multiple cards (for one camera/device) and this card holder. Palibahasa ‘mayabang’ ka kaya gastos ka ng gastos for multiple cards, which you most likely just WANT but don’t even NEED.

      …. and you don’t know my age, so don’t call me a ‘kid’, jerk!

    • @justin:

      I have to agree with @yabang mo. You wouldn’t happen to open up your laptop in the middle of your work just to transfer the images / videos you captured coz your memory card’s already full.

    • I’m sorry Justin but just because you have no use for it does not mean it is dumb and impractical. It’s more of a niche, really. There are at least some that could use these.

    • @justin haha you’re such a bitter. Easy ka Lang. Tamar si @yabang mo. You need a spare so in the middle of you’re shooting Hindi ka nag upload ng sd cards mo sa laptop mo…

  3. depende sa gumagamit talaga, i can see the point bakit kailangan mo ng multiple cards… especially if you are a photographer by profession. pero for Php500? thats a little too pricey, personally i have my SD Cards in their original plastic casing – included on their packaging to keep them secured in place. then a little larger box to hold them all together.

  4. ferdinand marte

    This ain’t gonna cut it for me. The best one for this purpose is a crush proof hard-shelled, waterproof case. Also, i rely on cloud storage to store & retrieve what i need 24/7.

  5. Iyan Sommerset

    This is a nice addition to having a slew of SD cards. Unfortunately, I saw something similar over in one of those 88php Japan Home stores – costing a fraction of the 500php price tag. Make sure to slip in one of those dessicants you find in electronic packets – humidity & condensation can really do a number on your media in such an enclosed space.

    I for one, will definitely be getting one in the next few weeks. I take a lot of RAW, uncompressed video and even 64gb is not enough for a day’s shoot.


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