Samsung Multi-Charging USB Cable

Want to charge more than one device at once? Perhaps your powerbank has only one USB slot? Worry no more because Samsung will soon release this multi-charging USB cable.

The upcoming multi-charging USB cable designed by Samsung can charge up to three devices simultaneously from a single power source. Coming from the single full-size USB, the cable will then split the power across the three micro-USB cables. Maximum of 2A for single charging and 1A or 667mA if 2 or 3 devices are connected.

This is a great solution when you have a limited USB port, let’s say a single output powerbank or a crowded wall charger. The Samsung Multi-Charging cable is listed as coming soon in Samsung’s US webstore for $39.99 or roughly Php 1,753.


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  1. natapatan na yan ni CDR King at 7% of the SAMMY price, wahahaha

    • joedriver

      The issue with CDRKing cables is that they do not supply 2A. The ones I’ve tried can only do 1A. For bigger phones like the Note, it takes a while to fully charge at 1A.

      While this looks interesting, I wonder how the build quality is. My original Note 2 charging cable died on me after 1 year of regular use.

  2. I already have an original one since January.

    • so ano na? Palakpak kasi nauna ka?

    • Wow, rude much… I already bought it in Samsung Store in SM Aura. And feel free to clap, you idiotic twat.

  3. This is already on sale in Samsung Store. I bought it at around 1,500php. This is old news.


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