This power bank charges phones and jumpstarts cars

JUMPR isn’t like any other external battery you’ve seen on store shelves as it can charge your smartphones and at the same time revive your car’s dead battery in minutes – it even has a built-in LED flashlight to show that it means serious business.


Juno Power is the company behind JUMPR. This portable charger is packed with 6000mAh of power that gives an output to a 5V 2.1 USB port and a 12V output with 150 – 300 amps. The former is for gadgets like smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc, while the latter is for jumpstarting your car. It also has a light source to aid you when your battery dies at night.

The 12-Volt power at 300 amps meets the required needs of automobiles and motorcycles in order to come back to life when the battery gets juiced out. The company claims that “300 amps is enough to jumpstart almost all 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines.”

The 7-ounce and 5.5-inch long JUMPR is currently on presale and interested buyers may place their orders for $69.99 (approx. Php3,000). It will start shipping on May with all the included cables for charging your devices and automobiles.


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  1. Hen-Sheen

    This clunky design reminds me of the Portable Charger for Game Boy. Manual included?

  2. wow ayus to hahaha sobrang liit nito kung ikukumpara sa battery booster =) ok na to sa mga entrylevel cars =)

  3. US residence lng ata pde bumili sayang hehe

  4. Seriously, how many times do you need to jumpstart your car’s battery?

    I understand the need for a power bank. I typically use mine 2-3 times a week. But to jumpstart your car? Do you really need to do that 2-3 times a week (or more)? It’s better to get a cheap car battery tester and get your car battery replaced when the tester indicates low power.

    • that’s the same as,”how many times do you need to replace a flat tire?”we always bring spare tires on the compartments,everyday,even though we don’t know when will a flat tire happen. we bring it everyday even though it consumes space,and it is also pretty heavy that it contributes to the fuel efficiency of the car.
      when you jumpstart your car,it doesn’t mean the car battery is low.there are a lot of reasons why an engine won’t start;one reason is if the weather is pretty cold.and also,the battery can be discharged,for example when the headlight is turned on for a long time and the engine is off.the best thing you can do is jumpstart your car,and let the battery be basically,car battery is not like a typical battery found on devices.

  5. abuzalzal

    Amazing how it took you 3 months to publish this old news.

    Very, very slow news copying day here on Yugatech, eh? Better hire competent and honest writers here, Sir Yuga!


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