Experimenting on AdSense for Search

Ok, I just changed the built-in (default) WordPress search box to AdSense for Search for several reasons:

  • The WordPress built-in search isn’t doing really good at searching related keywords. While the default results are filtered by date, there’s no filtering for relevance. So, If I search for an old entry that I wrote and the keyword I typed is often used in the blog, my search results would go bonkers. I have to scroll down and find the right one if it’s even listed. I’m not sure how or what’s the algorithm for the WP search but I guess it’s just plain old search index. Again, maybe I’m wrong.
  • AdSense for Search uses Google’s style for searching content within a domain. This will give you a better result especially for multiple string queries. Besides, I’m used to Google Search all the time and it rarely failed me to finding what I am looking for. I guess it will do the same for my blog.
  • AdSense for Search has relevant/contextual ads. If Google does not find the search query, it could still show some more relevant ads that could capture the attention of your blog readers. That’s a click already.

Been reading around that AdSense for Search doesn’t really earn quite well for bloggers. Most of the blogs i read mentioned a nil to 1% revenue from Search. In any case, 1% is still 1% right?

And oh, I already got $0.08 in the last two days since I moved over! hehehe… :)

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  1. nice! i like the idea… hindi na nila kelangan magpunta sa google para magsearch… kitang kita na agad sa taas.. plus, pagnagclick sila kita agad. well kapag walang piso hindi mabubuo ang milyon! hehehe… oh we’re talking ’bout dollars pala… hehehe

  2. oh btw, ginaya kita hehe. try lang… ok lng ba na tanggalin ung logo ng google?

  3. Adsense for search earns very little compared to regular adsense ads and also they are strict with the requirements on how to have it displayed. You have to use the code that Google Adsense gives you, they haven’t really allowed customization of it yet. I would think yours would be fine except it lacks the Google Logo.

  4. @ staticblu3

    sure, send me feedback if ok sya sayo…

    @ kzap

    oops, didn’t know about that. Will re-check it. Thanks for the heads up! :)


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