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A few weeks after using my $35 free Google AdWord credits to promote some of my other projects and business, I realized I could also use it to promote my blog as well. Hmm, why haven’t I thought of that earlier?

Blog Herald summarizes several ways of advertising your blog, the paid way. Though my blog has been very doing quite fine with dozens of keywords, bringing in tons of search engine traffic, I thought I might spend some time targetting other keywords as well.

A quick glance at my internal stats showed some very good results on the ff. keywords:

Top 10 Keyword Hits (via search engines)

  • hello garci – 6,567 hits
  • gloriagate – 1,262 hits
  • button maker – 791 hits
  • smart wifi – 372 hits
  • gonuts donuts – 216 hits
  • starbucks franchise – 212 hits
  • image hack – 210 hits
  • edsa mail – 58 hits
  • chicken inasal – 44 hits
  • paypal philippines – 35 hits

There’s an idea I was experimenting on with AdWords and AdSense. I target relevant keywords using AdWords to direct searchers looking for it to a page about the keyword with an AdSense ad. I wait and hope that they click on a related ad and earn from it. My hypothesis is this — “Is it possible to earn higher revenue from AdSense using AdWords directed pages?” What I did was bid very low ona keyword ($0.05) and hopefully earn more than that from the possible clicks on the ads. Theoretically it is possible, but my little experiment could not verify that to a 100% certainty.

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  1. I think it could work. I’ve seen sites advertising using adwords. The sites have no content just adsense.

  2. “Is it possible to earn higher revenue from AdSense using AdWords directed pages?”

    Probably not. Here’s why:

    Keyword: “hello garci”
    AdWords bid: $0.05 per click

    AdSense earning of publisher per click: $0.01 (20% of $0.05)

    Technically, you’re losing $0.04 per click.

    Adwords and affiliate marketing, that’s another story ;)

  3. @ Marc,

    Yes, my first impression was the same. However, what if there are other related ads along with it? Maybe somehting like “Nokia Ringtones” ad or something that might fetch you a higher pay rate?

  4. Ah now that’s another story.

    I think I get what you’re driving at. Direct $0.05 adword clickers to a mesothelioma-optimized page containing AdSense ads worth, say $50.00 CPC, so that you earn $10.00/click ($9.95 profit). Interesting concept. Though it may be hard to have someone click a mesothelioma ad when he’s originally expecting “hello garci” content. I’m not saying it’s not doable ah :) lemme know if it works and I’ll buy you beer hehe :)

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