Experimenting with Google AdWords

While every blogger around might be familiar with Google AdSense, only quite a few are acquainted with (moreso, have actually used) Google AdWords. They’re fraternal twins, actually. While AdSense provides revenue for ad publishers like you and me, AdWords on the other hand provides the avenue for advertisers to market their products and services. And Google is the mother of all advertising machineries.

I was recently able to sign up for AdWords to check out just how powerful this program is all about. Once inside, you will be offered with a complementary set of tools to properly and efficiently run your ad campaign. It allows you to set how much you want to bid for a keyword when it is clicked and lets you choose how much you want to budget your funds on a daily basis. Lowest bid on a click is $0.05 but could go as high in the range of $80 for very popular keywords.

The Traffic Estimator approximates the CPC, average clicks per day and a potential budget for it if you want to be placed on top of the ads. These estimates are based on current advertiser rates. I tried keying in for “hosting” and it gave me numbers and stats in the double digits, proposing a daily budget that could buy you a brand new car if you want your ads to be always on top.

By using Google AdWords, one will fully understand the intricacies of Google AdSense. I will be posting more on the results of my experiment in the following weeks.

Wanna try AdWorks? I can get you a £20 free coupon. Just leave me a non-commercial email address (i.e. no Yahoo or any free email account).

Here’s the link: http://services.google.com/marketing/links/UK-OA-NETCRAF

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  1. if the lowest bid is $0.05 for a click and in adsense you earn $0.01 minimum… so that means google is making $0.04…

    no need to do the math here…

    no wonder even yahoo wants to jump into the ad business… :-)

  2. It’s not lucrative unless you have a high volume of visitors on your site. Gave it a try though but it’s displaying weird text links. I can’t get it to work on my site for some reason.

  3. chris

    Thanks sa links. There are good stuff sa pinoyblog.com
    Madalas kasi may target audience lang ang mga blogs ng Pinas.
    Hindi pa kasing borderless at kasing serious ng blogosphere sa ibang bansa


  4. @ hoop

    That’s a possibility. I’m not sure though if the profit sharing is at that ratio. It may also depend on the popularity of the keyword and the number of bidders for that keyword.

    @ Mikey

    Yes, traffic is a major consideration. However, from experience, my clicks are majority coming from one-time visitors searching via Google or other search engines and clicking highly relevant ads.

    @ chris

    It’s still in it’s infacy I guess. Veyr volatile din ang blogosphere and the churn is also high. We will see in the next year or two.

  5. Nice post! Glad to see more Pinoys jumping in to the PPC world :) I’ve started my own niche Adwords campaign a few weeks back and while the ROI hasn’t been great, it hasn’t been that bad either. I’ve gone the affiliate route since I don’t have products of my own to sell. It would help Pinoy Internet marketers if the big e-stores like MyAyala and Filgifts start their own affiliate marketing programs. There’s just not much to sell online for Pinoy affiliate marketers.

  6. Could you please email me the £20 free coupon.

  7. hoi! raquel mangarap pud ka nga apilon tka og jer2. no tnx pwede tigtila k sa akong lubot…..

  8. hi!!!! nenenennenenenenene
    militar k man kaya ka so meaning kusgan ka dili ka dali kapuyon so pwede ta magjer2 pila pa ka oras nohhhhhh………
    siguraduha lang ha dili lagom imong singit!!!!!!

    pasalamat ka na typan tka kung wala pa walay mopunit sa imoha

  9. hi_sam, lumalabas tlaga ang pagkabading ko sau
    i luv u so much sam hop we will meet asap

  10. Hi there – do you still have adwords coupons available? I’m going to try and get into it this week :S

  11. Hi Kee,

    The free Adwords campaign has already expired.


  12. Could I get the free coupon, thanx

  13. If you send me i will be happy.so please send me.

  14. thank you for your blog, it’s informative

  15. thanks ,Could you please email me the £20 free coupon.

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