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My latest review on PTB (Friendster Ads Declassified) was about the trial ad I did two weeks ago on FAds (Friendster Ads).

The most important feature that was lacking in the ad reporting was the click-through rate. Since FAds was basically just a CPM model, which btw one can also get using AdWords on Friendster (remember Site Targetting?).

So I went to Friendster and clicked on the AdSense’ “Advertise on this site” link. I logged in to my Googe AdWords account and breezed thru the wizard. Guess what, the minimum CPM rate is just $0.25. That means, I pay $0.25 for every 1,000 ad impressions or 4,000 per $1.00.

Had the Php1,000 ePin budget given to me was used with Adwords, I could have gotten roughly 75,500 ad impressions as opposed to the 30,000 eyeballs with FAds. Huge difference there. The ads would also have been bigger and all the text clickable directly to my own landing page and I get to know my CTR as well.

This only means that potential advertisers on Friendster will be better off using AdWords than FAds, not only value-wise but feature-wise as well.

So, I fired off a similar ad on Friendster via AdWords, set my budget at $1.00 per day and let’s see how it’ll fare.

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  1. according to duncan riley, myspace and other social networking ad conversions are something like $0.001 cents.

  2. The demographic for social networking sites is just too varied that probably end up with a lousy CTR. I think there’re just too much wasted ad impressions because of the type of users in these sites.


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