Running a Google Adwords Campaign

I’ve had a Google Adwords account for some time now and have tried running an ad or two before using some free Adwords credits but this will be the first time I am running an ad campaign for an int’l client.

I did some quick research on my own and must read quite a number of articles about running an Adwords campaign, yet I can’t say that I already know everything there is to learn about it.

From my understanding, it’s as simple as:

  • Doing some keyword research. I use Overture Keyword Selector Tool as it gives me an exact figure of the number of searches in the previous month (though only for Yahoo). In conjunction to that, I also use the Adwords Keyword Tool just to verify if the search volume is relatively the same on Google.
  • Create a good copy for your ads. Make multiple copies targeting different potential audience and different selling points.
  • Optimize the landing page to adjust to the intended audience to maximize conversion. It could be in the form of newsletter subscriber, a registered member in the forums, etc.
  • Set the daily budget and hope that there are no competitors in the targeted keywords.
  • Watch and learn — wash, rinse and repeat.

Anyone have extensive experience with Adwords? Anything else I might have missed? My client’s targeted keywords are not competitive so I’m hoping for $0.01 PPC rate.

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  1. Also thru overture’s bid tool, try to check if there are keywords related to the one you target that have low bids.

    Another get as many keyword variations/combo.

  2. Also, it is important to realise that the amount you pay per click is actually determined by your Google Quality Score. Earning a high quality score can reduce the amount you pay per click. If a competitor has a higher quality score than you then they can actually rank higher than you for a lower cost per click.

    Google tell us that the Quality Score is determined by a keyword’s clickthrough rate (CTR), the relevance of text in the ad, the historical performance of that keyword and other relevancy factors including the landing page of the target url. Google can stop showing ads for keywords that have a low Quality Score so you will realise it is important to understand :-)

    There’s an in depth white paper about it here:

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that fixing PPC campaigns is as algorithmic as SEO. Go Abe!!

  4. If I delete a disapproved campaign, does it subtract on the 25 campaigns in one account? Please limme know as soon as you read this. I have had 2 consecutive campaigns that were disapproved, I’d like to delete them instead of editing, does it subtract to the 25?

  5. Need to get a freelancer or a company that can do consultation for google ad products.


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