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September 10, 2009

5th Gen iPod Nano with Video and FM Radio

As the iPod nano is the world’s most popular music player (hitting 100 million units), Apple today bumped up its specs along with some minor upgrades on the iPod Classic, Shuffle and iPod Touch.

The 5th-generation iPod Nano now comes in 9 different colors and gets a video camera and FM tuner to boot (they should have added WiFi too if you asked me).

ipod nano

Still at 8GB and 16GB, the Nano retails at Php8,790 and Php10,490.

ipod touch

The iPod Touch, on the other had, was bumped to 64GB. Apple dropped the 16GB model and retained the 8GB for just Php11,490. The 32GB costs Php17,490 and the 64GB at Php23,490. People were actually expecting that it’s the iPod Touch that will have the video camera.

ipod shuffle

The iPod Shuffle now comes in various colors aside from black and silver — they’ve got green, blue, pink and a special polished steel version. The 2GB starts at Php3,290 and the 4GB at Php4,390 (special edition costs Php5,490). Weird that the 4GB Shuffle got a price increase here.

The upgrade from 120GB to 160GB of the iPod Classic is confusing since Apple already had 80GB/160GB before, dropped it then re-introduced it.

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48 Responses to “5th Gen iPod Nano with Video and FM Radio”

  1. ZJ Morales says:


    Kelan ka gagawa ng Review dito? Kasi I wanna find out how the Camcoder’s Videos looks like. (Sorry for the Over Rhyming of words :D) I googled all over the internet, but I still can’t find a sample video.. I thinking twice about having this Gadegt kasi sabi nga nila: :Laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi”

    So If I’m not mistaken, if you acquire another iPod Nano, it would be your third one diba?

  2. ZJ Morales says:


    Kelan ka gagawa ng Review dito? Kasi I wanna find out how the Camcoder’s Videos looks like. (Sorry for the Over Rhyming of words :D ) I googled all over the internet, but I still can’t find a sample video.. I’m thinking twice about having this Gadget, Sabi nga nila: “Laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi”

    So If I’m not mistaken, if you acquire another iPod Nano, it would be your third one diba?

  3. erikjames says:

    no doubt apple’s the best than microsoft today, you can’t deny it. steve jobs and the company is getting richer and richer everyday. because they make quality products with passion and no bullsh*t added. durable, portable, high-tech, cool designs, and it’s worth the money. “mahal pero sulit naman!” i don’t think they will lose the market kick, they always have something new and there’s always plan B, C, or may be D just in case. they always use best materials in making their products. buy one and you’ll know what im talking about. im not sure about zunes, im not into it, i’ve seen one, im not interested at all.

  4. erikjames says:

    i want the silver-black design. i want it very badly. i cant even sleep anymore thinking about it. im willing to give up $179 for this thingy, oh i forgot, i also have to pay the duties and taxes when it arrives here in the philippines. i dont know why i rather buy abroad than here, may be because it’s much cheaper there, i guess. knowing the fact, that most products of u.s. are manufactured in china today, but at least you’re assured that it is a u.s. standard not philippine standard. you know what i mean.

  5. erikjames says:

    8GB = $149
    16GB = $179

    *magpabili nalang kayo sa amerika sa mga kamaganak ninyo, tapos isiksik niyo sa loob ng package na maraming laman, ung sobrang nakatago huh, para iwas sa duties and taxes, kaya lang magaantay ka ng iyong balikbayan box 2-3 months. or kung may uuwing balikbayan, at least makakatipid ka naman diba. practical lang naman. hope this helps.

  6. domob
    Twitter: JeddMadrid

    If you’re buying the iPhone 3G, you can capture stills but not video, while the “lower-end” iPod nano offers video capture but not stills, the iPod touch offers neither, and only the iPhone 3GS offers both.

    wow. apple. nice strategy.

  7. Sammii says:

    I still think that the 5th gen is ugly compared to the 3rd Gen’s design. For one thing the 3rd Gen looks like a mini iPod classic, which is what I’ve always envisioned the Nano to be.

    The iPod Shuffle freaks me out. And I don’t like how they’ve made it so that you can only use “special” iPod Shuffle headphones with it.

    The iPod Touch is great, though. I can’t wait till they come out with a 128GB version

  8. je says:

    Ndi pa nila hahayaan na maging very similar ang Touch sa iPhone. Wala ng bibili ng regular ipods at iphone nyan. Well at least, not now. If, you want an all in 1 device go for the iphone and stop complaining about the ipod touch not having a camera. Still it does 80% of what the iphone can do. I think it’s a great bargain. 80% of an iphone w/o the 2 yr EXPENSIVE CONTRACT IN A NOT SO RICH COUNTRY LIKE THE PHILIPPINES. Common guys, you can’t have it all. You have to be objective, the current iPod line up is still a great deal.

  9. carla says:

    @Jake Well i think lahat naman ng tao iba iba yung preference. Maybe you don’t need an iPod… but some do. Thanks for the links though

  10. Ric says:

    I’m sure everyone interested in buying the Ipod touch has either a phone with a camera or a digital camera so I don’t think the lack of a camera on this thing is gonna deter that many buyers. The camera would have been a nice add on but it’s not the main reason for buying this thing in the first place.

  11. Kat - Kat says:

    I totally agree with you. they should have added Wi-fi too! :]]

    The upgrade is very much confusing indeed. I wonder if it’s a marketing strategy or what. hmmmm.

  12. JKisaragi says:

    I don’t know if I should hate myself for buying the 8GB iPod Touch or if I should hate Apple for their super-fast changes. *sigh*

    Should’ve waited a little longer for the 32gb price drop T_T

  13. paul says:

    Meron na po ba nung ipod nano na may camera d2 sa pinas? if ever na available, san pong store meron?

  14. kill3rfill3r
    Twitter: killrfillr

    available na ba to sa Pinas?

  15. Carlos says:

    wait… my two year old phone does all the new nano can do…

  16. Tang ee nah m0o says:

    The ipod touch doesn’t have a camera because it’s a great gaming machine. -SJ

  17. joyce says:

    i agree to that one guy over there,, haha marketing strat.. ofcourse, who would buy a nano if itouc already have that cam thing.. and y would they buy the itouch if the nano has it all!! man that’s so uncool!!!! waste of money, and ofcourse another dilemma for those who r planning to buy one… but i already have ipod nano 4th gen. i was planning to the itouch but still confused because of that 5th gen. nano.. wah !! WTH!!

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