All-glass iPhone and iPad could be Apple’s secret weapon

The iPhone 6, based from the renderings and mock-ups we’ve seen, is likely to sport an all-aluminum rear shell with its display made of tough sapphire glass. Well Apple has just been granted a patent that will enable the company to make an all-glass housing for its wide range of devices. Could this give the company its needed edge over other brands?

glass iphone
Glass iPhone concept

Apple jumping to the phablet bandwagon not only showed that they took back what Jobs said that “no one’s gonna buy” a big phone, but also made it seem like they simply conformed to the trend set mainly by Android. But with companies still using lesser materials (like plastic) for their devices, this could be the innovation that will separate Apple apart from its competitors – something that they have been trying to do for the longest time.

The patent given to the Cupertino company is a manufacturing method that allows them to fuse glass structures together and still protect all the circuitry inside. This proposed all-glass design is aimed to be used for iPhones, iPads, and even iMacs. If they indeed use sapphire glass for the body it will generally result to a more durable, lightweight form factor while giving off a more futuristic look and premium feel.

The idea of holding an all-glass iPhone sounds exciting already, but we’re not quite sure yet how the glass build would affect pricing of these devices. If we were to ask you, how much would you pay for a glass iPhone or iPad?

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  1. Evo Garcia

    Sino pwedeng magmahal sa akin dito at bibilhan ako ng gadget. M2M lang.

  2. hizoka


  3. Copycatsamsung

    I’m sure samsung will imitate this and say that they are the first to create a phone made of glass. LOL!

  4. Kaso may Arirang Commecial last year na ALL GLASS gadget :)

    Yung may bata kumuha pic pa nga ng Flower tapos ginawa yung phone picture frame…

    Sasabihin nila first na naman ang mga Koreano

  5. Diba yung gorilla glass commercial meron glass lahat na phone, pati tablet or table nila check nyu sa youtube. Bsta matagal na yun. 1 year + na cguro yun. Search nyu sa youtube.


    ala Real Steel (movie) ang style. maganda yan….yun lang, walang camera yan. hehehe

    Masaya na ako if it has radio, SMS and calls tapos transparent or see through ang phone. :-)

  7. Tingin ko this is misunderstood. What i think is an all glass exterior yung tipong tapi frame. Wala naman sinabi na transparent phone sa patent eh. Imagine iphone 4s or xperia z series design pero glass din ang frame instead of metal/plastic. Ayaw ko dn ng transparent phone, pangit games or videos din.

  8. apparently its not a secret anymore

  9. This goes to show that the pace of innovation really is slowing down. More so than what type of material the case is made of, I think the future of these devices lie in adding more useful functionality. Adding health features like tracking blood pressure, heart rates, blood sugar and other important health metrics would really be a great leap forward. I want my phone to help me live healthier and longer.


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