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January 30, 2013

Apple announces 128GB iPad 4

The reports turned out to be true as Apple has just announced the 128GB variant of the iPad 4 – the largest internal storage for an iPad yet.


There’s nothing much to talk about in terms of hardware as the 128GB model of the iPad 4 sports the same specs as the 16, 32, and 64GB units currently out. However, you do get a massive amount of storage and will cost you $799 for the WiFi only model. If you want the LTE version that would set you back $929. Throw in a few more bucks and you’re on your way to purchasing a brand new 11-inch MacBook Air.

This “new” iPad will be available next week on February 5th.


128GB iPad 4 lands on Apple Store PH for Php39k

19 Responses to “Apple announces 128GB iPad 4”

  1. Mr. Curious says:

    Imagine the backup time

  2. dan says:

    Apple could have just put support for external memory expansion. 32GB of class 6 Micro SD but then again….

  3. Miguel The Kwentolohiya
    Twitter: browse10

    Wow, napakalaking storage yan pero tama nga naman yan sa laki din ng apps nila eh.

  4. Jeric says:

    *Yawn* Nice, but do they really need that amount of space? Unless siguro puro movies ilalagay mo dyan at games.. Nothing really new with Apple.

  5. andylic1ous says:

    I won’t buy any apple products anymore.

  6. Ryan says:

    ang lalaki nga ng size ng apps nla. 80% of my rig consist of apps. no more space for movies and songs. :(

  7. techglimpse says:

    I do not see the logic behind a bigger storage, cloud storage is slowly becoming mainstream, LTE is already available …

    • lalaland
      Twitter: heyimjunfe

      actually yes, but some of us still prefer native storage! and this kind of capacity is perfect! but not on an apple iPad, i prefer this on a REAL FULL BLOWN tablet like a tablet running on windows 8, you really need this for your files!

      some of us still dont have a cloud storage even though its free, but some of us still dont prefer it coz it might get leak or whatsoever, and also due to our low connection since LTE connection are only available on metro manila right now, how about those provincial cities where internet connection sucks? even in the US, not all cities are on LTE speed, still at HSDPA+ or higher 4G, and it took a while to have LTE connection on 50 cities across US, while on our beloved country, we still cant achieve the real 3.5G HSDPA+ speed! still at 100kbps, speed of a broadband!

  8. lalaland
    Twitter: heyimjunfe

    hay naku haters haters HATERS!! haters here haters there!

    im pretty sure pag nangyari to sa android sasabihin nyo na perfect to, malaki na and capacity!

    dont be jealous and be so bitter with apple, if you dont like them or hate them, better stay away from them coz its really pathetic na you keep on bashing apple for no logical reasons! hindi naman nila kayo ginagalaw! if you hate them dont buy their products! stay away from their news!

    Twitter: znermallare

    I thought there will be a new features of the iPad this Feb since iPad 2 and 3 were released Feb of 2011 and 2012. iPad 4 was released last September I think so I guess the new features will be available till September. :((((

    • Messie says:

      Apple releases iPads during March. I am actually seeing rumors of an iPad 5 that looks like a bigger iPad mini. Which means it has a thinner bezel than iPads 1 to 4. Really something to look forward to come March. =)

  10. Name: fandoid123 says:

    Hindi pang ordinaryong tablet user ang market ng bagong ipad. Pang malalaking kompanya ito na nagrequest sa Apple na maglabas ng model. Mga ilan nito ay Autodesk, Wavemachine Labs, GlobalAptitude, mga hospitals para sa high res image, pilot flight book, etc.
    Kaya kung namamahalan kayo sa presyo, cool lang kayo, ganyan naman talaga ng style ng Apple at wala din mangyayari kahit mangawa tayo ng mangawa.
    Etong press release ng Apple.

  11. macuser says:

    ask ko lng po kung nagana po ba ung application na Onlive desktop sa IPAD 4 dito sa pinas?

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