Friday, June 21st, 2013
Apple iPhone 5S leaks, dual LED flash & bigger battery

Apple iPhone 5S leaks, dual LED flash & bigger battery

Apple’s next iPhone leaks its way to the internet, and it seems like it’s confirmed that it’s going to be an iPhone 5S as it features a similar design to the iPhone 5.


The significant things to note here is that the camera now features a dual LED flash instead, and the battery powering the device is of higher power capacity (5.92 WHr). On the other hand, the chipset and the rest of the internals cannot be defined as of the moment.

iphone 5S

We’re expecting the iPhone 5S later this year, to be announced alongside the next-gen iPad & iPad Mini. Also, if speculations are true, then we might see a cheaper iPhone alongside it as well.

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  1. akreesha

    If its plastic I’m not buying it.

    • Welcome to the Plastic Bandwagon. You want a phone made of metal but don’t want it to get dents and scratches? Put it in a plastic case. Voila! Plastic exterior.

    • And you will cover your “Premium Aluminum Phone” with a plastic case… Oh I just love how humans think! :))

  2. Apple really loves to revise their products an call it a “new product”. I’m all tired of this!
    I want something new Apple. This isn’t “you” anymore. Give your customers a good reason on why they should replace their current gadget with a newer one from you!

  3. badass

    if you don’t like it then don’t buy it. simple as that!

  4. biggrr screen

    Love my 3GS, but also love my GNEX. Short cuts and 4.7″ screen. I would love to see an iPhone with the LG Optimus Pro size.

  5. abuzalzal

    Bigger Battery? Yaaay!!! Thank You Captain Obvious

    Pag may spec bump hindi ba always given na yung bigger battery? toink

  6. Im not a Lumia Fan but this is their Ad to the upcoming iPhone5s. ;))


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