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July 04, 2014

Apple is hiring: iCup Technician to always brew coffee

Do you happen to be looking for a new job at a good company? Are you particularly skilled in brewing coffee? If so, this may be your best chance to land a gig at Apple! The Cupertino-based company is currently looking for an iCup Technician that basically brews coffee for its employees.

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The entry was posted on June 28, 2014 and is specifically looking for people who would work underthe Apple iCup Services. The company opened this position in support to their recent move to hire a new team of experts and researchers to work on an improved Siri (they must be really working non-stop to need their very own coffee guys). Here’s the job summary:

“The Apple iCup Services is specially designed to provide a fresh brew coffee to all Apple employees within their department. The iCup staff is also available on call during business of operation.”

Some of the job descriptions also include:

  • Refill coffee machines per route
  • Milk delivery per route
  • Service broken machines
  • Fully rebuild and clean machines

We can’t help but wonder how much Apple is planning to pay their iCup Technicians, but we can only imagine it’s more than what other ordinary baristas are getting. Think you got a shot (not of espresso) at getting this job? See the full job description here!

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10 Responses to “Apple is hiring: iCup Technician to always brew coffee”

  1. Oona says:

    Poor writing. The title and first paragraph gave the impression that the person is the one who brews the coffee when in fact it is the iCup machine that they need to service. Similar job to those who maintain and refill our nescafe alegria vendo machine.

  2. gwan says:


  3. Justin says:

    Honestly, how proud of yourself can you be knowing na taga-timpla ka lang ng kape sa Apple employees?

    So, pag-labas ng iPhone 6, may bragging rights ka to tell your friends na “Pare, nakita mo na yung bagong iPhone 6? Ako nag-timpla ng kape nung hardware engineer na gumawa nyan!”


    • Majorie says:

      LOL ????????????

    • Hen-Sheen says:

      It’s a Schwa indeed! Those “i” jokes; iRate & iHate, such iRony isn’t it?

    • Graz says:

      Regardless of how funny the job position is, Apple (is still) Apple. I wouldn’t take the job offer though (cuz I personally don’t like Apple. I’d take the offer if it was Google though) but I can’t blame the average guy for trying out for the position (and work up from there – horizontal shift to a career you want in Apple)

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