Apple MacBook prices drop 20%

As expected, the recent announcement of newer and faster MacBooks and MacBook Pros has certainly affected the unit pricing and has already trickled down to the local retailers here in the Philippines. Here are the latest retail prices of the MacBooks:

MacBook Prices

Mac Book 13 inch (white)
13.3″ TFT display
1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
512MB (2x256MB) SD RAM
Combo Drive (DVD/CD-RW)
Intel GMA 950 64MB Video RAM
60GB HDD – Php59,990
80GB HDD – Php64,990

2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB (2x51MB) SDRAM
Super Drive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
80GB HDD – Php74,990

Mac Book 13 inch (black or white)
120GB HDD – Php79,990

Mac Book 13 inch (black)
200GB HDD – Php99,990

With the higher-end MacBooks, previous prices were Php20,008 more expensive. That’s just over 20% price cut. A really huge drop if I might add.

On the other hand, the prices for the Mac Book Pro and the iMacs remained the same. Prices taken from Apple Center as of June 10, 2007.

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  1. I guess they’re clearing out the stock of the 2nd gen MacBook to make way for the 3rd gen (1 GB memory, Intel Santa Rosa platform…)

  2. Maybe that’s why HP Pavilion notebooks are selling with promos. So they can get rid of old inventory to make way for the latest Santa Rosa chipset… but HP’s prices did not go down as much… ahuhuhu!

  3. Tomorrow is Independence Day kabayan. You might find this interesting:

  4. When i will have my own Mac laptop in the near future, i will probably use it just for curiosity sake. It maybe a good machine, but i also heard lots of disadvantages like availability of programs.

  5. Even cheaper with direct distributors. The old lowest-end MacBook is only about PhP 50k. Newest edition Macbook starts at PhP 60k (that’s already 80GB hdd and 1GB RAM).

  6. You mean direct importers… ? How do you get warranty for your Mac in that case?

  7. Buy your own 3-year Apple OneCare, I guess?

  8. Thats still too expensive from the Apple Center’s, you’re not paying for anything you couldnt get from a distributor. I want the new mac book pro with the geforce8600, gaming on a laptop, well priced and the great apple software, plus you can run windows if you want.

  9. Hi mga Kabayan! I have a number of questions about bringing an apple computer jn s pinas. i live in germany and compared to the prices you’ve shown here mas mura dito ng approx. 10k Php. pro ang problem ko lng what to buy for my cousin (19), a notebook or a g5? kc meron akong lumang g5 as in wla png cam and combo drive p. takot nmn ako dalhin kc too big and too heavy and bk pay p ako s airport. pls. helping me! slamat ng madami and in advance. regards vhin

  10. I lost my bag together with the powersafe of my macbook…where to buy in manila…?

  11. Just the powersupply for macbook… thanks…again…i am in manila…How much?

  12. meron bang hulugan na macbook san ko makikita store na napapahulugan?



  13. which mac is really a good deal.. im buying 1 soon which one do u guys think wud fit a new user like me..

  14. its my 1st tum to own a mac compter…needin help here.. tnx

  15. im goin for a

  16. how much is the price for Macbook in PH?
    is it built-in cam?
    pls do give me specs for it and the price. im planning to buy one soon…help me!

  17. Hi Posh,

    Have you already bought your Mac?

    I’m selling this items:
    – mac book pro mb471 15″ – 45K – slightly neg
    – mac book pro mb766 17″ – 55K – slightly neg

    Brand new items!

    Meet-up in cubao, araneta center.

    Please let me know if anyone interested. Call: 0915-522-2201


  18. maryjane

    nag ha2nap po aq na hulugang loptop.. na 2wing swendo q pdeng hulugan kailangan na kailangan q na po e..Please let me know if anyone interested. Call: 09327347518

  19. i wish to buy laptop for a cheapest price,.plzz accomodate,.

  20. hi guys just wanted to know if you can make apps in the macbook pro 13inch older models 2010 for iphone and ipad

  21. also how much would be the average price for macbook pro 13inch 2010 and 2011 models kindly help me for the info,thanxxx…


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