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November 14, 2011

Apple not happy Smart spilled the beans on the iPhone 4S

It’s not a surprise that Apple wasn’t happy that Manny Pangilinan, Chairman of PLDT-Smart, spilled the beans on the upcoming launch of the iPhone 4S in the Philippines. The recent story that Smart will also release the iPhone 4S by December was certainly prematurely announced.

Having known Apple thru the years of covering the beat, the company is very strict when it comes to announcements.

From previous experience when Globe still had exclusive distribution of the iPhone in the country, Apple doesn’t even reveal anything until one or two weeks before the release date. Apple is very secretive and very controlling.

The first time they introduced the iPhone in the country, only 5 local journalists were able to see it before the launch and they were briefed separately, one by one.

MVP must have been too eager to tell the press that they finally got rights to carry the iPhone 4S he forgot about the non-disclosure. Don’t think he’ll even get a slap on the hand. But that’s how Apple rolls.

Via Dax Lucas of Inquirer. Hat tip to PJ Reyes.

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  1. Carlthirdy says:

    If you can afford then why dnt try all the smartphones running in
    Different OS. Basta ako solve na ako sa 5110 ko pasok sa banga!

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