Apple outs 16GB iPod touch with 5MP camera for $199

Apple recently announced its new iPod touch model with 16GB of internal storage and 5 megapixel iSight camera for $199.


Looks like Apple still has no plans of introducing a new generation of its iPod touch lineup and instead released the new 16GB variant with a 5 megapixel iSight camera for just $199. The new model will replace the $299 camera-less 16GB model that was released last year.

ipod touch 16gb

In addition, Apple also gave the rest of the iPod touches some significant discounts. The 32GB and 64GB model now cost $249 (from $299) and $299 (from $399), respectively.

All iPod touch models sport 4-inch 326ppi IPS displays, 5 megapixel iSight cameras, dual-core A5 chipsets, and comes in five different colors.


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  1. These prize is too match. you can even bought descent smartphone in that prize that have phone capabalities. hey people thinks first.

  2. Mag tagalog ka na lang. This is too match? Match talaga ha.

  3. English fail

    “The PRIZE is too MATCH” and “Smartphone with phone capabilities”. You made my day Pipoy! :D

  4. Basa x2 pag May time

    @Pipoy…. PLEASE, for the love of god…. PLEASE USE THE ONLINE DICTIONARY before commenting….

    There are dictionary apps available too… Kindly download one ASAP!!!

    Yan na lang assignment mo for today ha… :)

  5. Rockafella

    He’s obviously trolling sheeps. Look at his icon it’s kinda similar to Abuzalzal’s. Just go with the flow guys no ONE is that stupid in grammar.

  6. nakakatuwa


    at least hindi na puro away nababasa ko dito.
    (sa tingin ko..sinasadya m nmn e, nakakatawa tuloy)

  7. Typical

    I have hunch that pipoy is just a staff of yugatech which is used to give the comment discussions some life just like abuzalzal before… Am i right or am i left?

  8. 1. It’s APPLE… You are buying the brandname.
    There was a time you had to pay 21,000 for an IPOD Touch. There are still times when a “dedicated music player” is better than a phone… You don’t get that sound you hear when a phone polls the network – pretty annoying when you have it hooked to a stereo setup.
    I still have a ipod Classic 80 GB (the one hard disk inside) which cost PHP 12.000. The battery is a bit run-down after 5 years, but still works while docked/tethered to a charger.

    To get APPLE’s cheapest phone (5C) you still have to shell out twice the cost of the new 64GB IPOD touch.

  9. Nokia3310

    Talagang pinatulan nyo si Pipoy sa grammar nya? Obvious naman na minali nya yun para ma-uto ang mga katulad nyong mapag-patol sa ganitong klaseng comment. Alam nyo nang kulang sa pansin yung tao eh.

  10. siguro binabaan nila price kasi may parating na bagong ipod touch, kasabay ng new iPhone – bigger screen.


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