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March 20, 2013

Apple outs iOS 6.1.3, aims to fix security flaws

After a brief period of beta testing, iOS 6.1.3 is now out in the open and ready to be downloaded on supported iOS-powered devices running on iOS 6 or later.

The recent update aims to patch up the platform’s well-documented vulnerability that allows anyone that has access to your device to totally bypass the lock screen to access information using the phone application.

ios 6.1.3

Apart from fixing the bug, iOS 6.1.3 also brings some improvements on Apple Maps in Japan. The update is also said to remove the EvasiOn jailbreak on the device and impairing any possibility for it to be jailbroken again using existing means. It’s something to ponder upon before you update your device.

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10 Responses to “Apple outs iOS 6.1.3, aims to fix security flaws”

  1. Cndy says:

    Yikes… Cannot be jailbroken…

  2. tarush says:

    This is what I like on Apple products…software updates.

    Now it’s Samsung turn to prove they are indeed capable of creating a “safe” software for enterprise by releasing a software update for patching the similar passcode bypass on SIII and Note 2 security loophole ü

  3. Eco says:

    How about the wifi problem of IP5? Does anyone updated?
    Is the wifi problem of IP5 software or hardware?

  4. apple says:

    iPhone5 updated worldwide simultaneously
    Samsung Galaxy Note1: still no software update in the PH, worldwide trickling updates haaaaiiiiisssstttttssssss

  5. EwanMcGorio says:

    Another update, another blunde by Apple. The latest lock security failed because it can still be exploited based on tech site reports.

  6. Edwin C says:

    Ayaw kung mag-update. Di pala to ma-jailbreak.

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