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April 25, 2014

Apple pays you for recycling old iOS gadgets and devices

As a part of Apple’s Reuse and Recycling program, the company now accepts all Apple products (both working and non-working) to be recycled for free. The good thing is, if your device could still be resold, Apple is willing to pay you with store credits that could be used to buy a new Apple device like an iPhone 5S or an iPad Air.

Own any old Apple products?

Own any old Apple products?

This is not the first time Apple did a recycling initiative, but it’s the first time the Cupertino-based manufacturer is accepting all their products to be recycled. Combining is also acceptable. For example, you could recycle an old iPhone 4S and an iPad and get credits for both. These credits can be combined to get a discounted iPad Air. Take note, though, that there is a one-class-device limitation for this – meaning you cannot recycle two iPhones or two iPads and combine the credits.

This program is available at all of their stores world-wide. Just bring those old Apple products to authorized Apple retailers in the Philippines and you can help contribute in making the world a greener place…while also getting discounts for your next iOS device.


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4 Responses to “Apple pays you for recycling old iOS gadgets and devices”

  1. Aldwin says:

    Anyone have tried this with a local Apple Authorized Retailer?

  2. mark says:

    I have macbook(i think its the first edition. Still working only problem is hardrive. Is it posible to be recycled??

    • reader says:

      “the company now accepts all Apple products (both working and non-working)…”

      basa basa din kapag may time

  3. marv says:

    meron nb nito sa powermac?

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