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January 27, 2014

Apple PH Online Store sells 8GB iPhone 4S for Php22,990

Apple Philippines Online Store has started offering unlocked versions of their iPhone 5S and 5C since a week or two ago. Interestingly, they’re also pushing for the older iPhone 4S instead of the year-old iPhone 5, and selling the 8GB version for Php22,990.

This seems to be the direction Apple is taking — phasing out the iPhone 5 in lieu of the iPhone 5C and then offering the iPhone 4S as the entry-level model.

On another note, the iPhone 5C starts at Php30,990 while the 5S starts at Php36,990 in the Apple PH online store.

20 Responses to “Apple PH Online Store sells 8GB iPhone 4S for Php22,990”

  1. Easy E says:

    Tapos hindi na isusupport ang iOS8 sa 4s? Sayang naman.. Excited for a >4in iPhone..

  2. RavenBlack says:

    Apple still milking their 2 year old iPhone just because they can.. Sadly , people will still buy them.

  3. Lito says:

    Ano ba yan! Bakit hindi yong 5 ang i promote instead of 4S 8g pa. Sino naman bibili yan.

  4. itachi1 says:

    23k for a 2-yr old, 8GB phone… pass!

  5. Yusuf says:

    Lol this is absurd. You can always buy a second hand iPhone 4s which only ranges from 9-11k.

  6. abuzalzal says:

    Ito ang THE MOTHER of tubong lugaw phones!

    Haha walng sinabi si STARMOBILE at O+

  7. meh says:

    Tooo funny, no way anyone would pay that amount. You can easily pick up an LG G2 with really great specs for that price

  8. Benchmark says:

    I am a motorola android os…to my idea, mabilis kasi magdepreciate ang mga android phones compared to iphone. Kaya maraming tumatangkilik nito kahit na mahal.

  9. damarkcus says:

    Hindi kya lasing lang ang nagpresyo nito??? ang lakas ng loob eh…..!!!

  10. theSandies says:

    i’d rather buy a galaxy mega than an 8GB old 4s or better an S4

  11. Justin says:

    Apple’s thoughts: Eh, kung marami namang tangang bibili… why not? :)

  12. Sam says:

    5 will cannibalize the sales for 5c. Also, phased out na ang production ng 5 diba.

  13. JP says:

    8gb for 23k? are you kidding me? parang kang nahold up pag bumili ka nito

  14. pytz says:

    Totally sad but true..

  15. techshit says:

    lol. at that price. you can buy a brand new HTC one 32gb. at kimstore.
    only the TANGA will buy that shit!

  16. Ernesto says:

    Apple discontinue the iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

  17. Jeanne says:

    This is quite an insult Apple…anung akala mo sa Pilipinas, tambakan ng mga hindi nabentang mga telepono?

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