Apple: Purple flare on iPhone 5 camera is normal

If you’re one of the privileged few who already owns an iPhone 5 and plans to take pictures with its revamped 8MP snapper, you might want to “angle the camera away from the bright light source” ‘cause if not your images will suffer from Purple Flare.

In essence, that was the reply that an iPhone 5 owner got from an Apple Care support representative when his Purple Flare issue was escalated to the Cupertino based company’s “engineering team”. The disappointed owner leaked the copy of the email reply to Gizmodo, who also happens to be one of their avid readers.


It is said that the flare is caused by the camera’s sapphire glass coating. So if you happen to snap a picture with your iPhone 5 and noticed a purple flare, don’t be alarmed as it is “considered a normal behavior” as per Apple.


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  1. Ashvanale

    Is it me or medyo half baked tong Iphone 5, I’ve watched/read some reviews and yes on technical side it might be great but the way they executed some of the features are questionable. And no i won’t blame steve jobs or his protege whatever because i just don’t roll that way.

  2. Gary V to atat iPhone buyers:

    “Di na natuto”

    Bugs are somewhat acceptable…. but hardware issues? deym!

  3. it’s normal just like the scratches out of the box, it’s Apple’s new way to deal with the problems accompanied with iphone5. :D

  4. nameless

    That’s normal! Before windows 7 we have Vista, Before Iphone 4s we have Iphone 4… Iphone 5s would have lesser bugs and more features :) Consider the first release as beta versions. haha.

  5. hctim_23

    Parang yung Iphone 4 yan, yung sa Antenna Signal!!! your Holding it the wrong way!! hahaha

  6. This is an added feature!

    You can get “F”-ed up pictures instantly with this innovative new feature. No need for instagram to F up your pictures!

  7. yurisama

    haha i-barney cam

  8. Don’t buy this yet.

    iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 to iPhone 5… not good decision

    iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s… better decision

  9. ocommon

    hindi na kailangan ng instagram hehe..

  10. Marcelino

    First, scratches. Second, the camera’s purple flare. What’s next?

    How come they can act as if everything’s normal?! Hahaha!

  11. Quality Assurance Fail. These are the words that I can say about iPhone 5. What’s worse is that they treat a hardware defect as “normal”. WTF Apple. Apple is definitely getting worse since the day Steve Jobs died.

    I’m very sure that Steve Jobs is disappointed right now in heaven.

  12. emongkal

    Typecast to early adopters: “Will you ever Learn?”

  13. Haha! Yan. Buti nga sa mga iPhone 5 users. Mga nag-waldas ng malaking pera para sa bulok na hardware.

  14. feature yan!!!! biruin mo barney effect sa pictures mo? meron ba android nyan???? hehehe


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