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May 11, 2007

Cheap iPod battery replacement at CDR King

Was looking for DVI/HDMI cables and adaptors last night and I thought CDR King might have them. They didn’t have them but I was surprised with the newer stock of gadget accessories they have — iPod replacement batteries.

iPod Battery

And they’re pretty cheap too — prices starts at Php350 for the iPod Shuffle to Php400 for the newer generation iPod Videos.

ipod batteries

I also checked their website and they got it on display. The prices are so low they’re almost as cheap as the other cellphone batteries along the sidewalks and half as much as generic batteries for my Canon dSLR.

Now, if I could get a cheap generic HDD for the iPod, I could revive my old 4th gen player altogether.

14 Responses to “Cheap iPod battery replacement at CDR King”

  1. Jeff says:

    You sure you want this? Lately we’ve seen Macbooks and Macbook Pros have been bulging due to either poorly manufactured batteries and/or the battery management software in OS X. I’d imagine if Apple’s products act up with their own batteries in there, how much worse would these things be? lol

  2. Ade says:

    Since I am such a cheapskate, I like this.

  3. You can buy all the cheapest items in CDR King. Expect good quality too

  4. cogi2ergosum says:

    it’ll work like a charm for 3 days.

    over and beyond this time period, you’ll start noticing your unit begging to be charged every 30 minutes or so, it’ll annoy you to the point that you’ll just toss it off into the bin and feel a little bit ripped off (so much for saving). Then you’ll probably opt to visit your friendly local Apple store, whose friendly Apple tech will gladly furnish you with an iPod original battery, 90%-charged and 300%-totally-way-more-than-standard-US-pricing.

  5. hmmp says:

    i think you should try cdr king items first .. so far,, i havent encountered any difficulties with cdr king items .. especially cd’s and there mouse .. they also caught my interest because of there cheap and upadated gadgets (TVtunersandrouter)

  6. Mai says:

    ahm, I would like to ask where is the nearest branch that you have a supply for the replacement battery of nano ipod because Im having a hard time searching for it. Your sales ladies always telling me that its not available and it has an infinite time of when will the stocks be delivered. Some said that it was pulled out due to low demands. I really want to have this. By the way, Im living in Manila. I hope I can acquire a good result for this. Thank you

  7. Francis Gangan says:

    I hate CD R KING they sell factory defect item and also their staff are very impolite and cheat customer

  8. charise cordoviz says:

    i suggest that cd-r king would also sell a replacement battery for laptops because its to expensive especially toshiba.

  9. lenny says:

    where did you find stock of the battery? i couldn’t find one

  10. Darwin says:

    Is that for ipodtouch??

  11. dondon says:

    agree to that cheap battery for replacement!!!!!anyway you might replace it all over again!!!!

  12. mich says:

    how about the replacement batteries for iphones? any feedback?

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