Globe iPhone 4 Public Launch

Globe Telecom started handing out the new iPhone 4 to the public at 9am today with hundreds (and going to the thousands) lining/waiting to pick-up their handsets.

They also had a corporate launch last Friday but this one’s for the general public.

Globe arranged for 2 venues as pick-up points for the iPhone 4 release — there’s one in Shangri-la Makati and another one in New World Hotel (beside GreenBelt 3). A total of 450 Globe personnel were deployed to man 150 stations/booths for claiming and activating the handsets.

Globe reps claim this is their biggest product launch ever (bigger than the 1000+ iPhone 3G launch they had 2 years ago). But unlike the iPhone 3G launch, this one is much more organized and more prepared. People were comfortably seated and relaxed; and since it was inside the hotel, the atmosphere is less stressful despite the growing crowd.

The entire process of claiming the iPhone 4 was smooth and quick. There were so many Globe personnel to usher people around and they had catering from the hotel so there were lots of good food and bottomless brewed coffee.

I also claimed my unit from a retention plan and the whole process was done in 30 minutes. I asked the staff and they said it could go up to 90 minutes depending on the type of customer (new, switchers, retention, upgrades, etc) which will include the option of transferring/syncing contacts to the new micro-SIM.

From our estimates (based on the initial rate of activations), there could be somewhere around 1500 – 2000 people claiming their iPhone 4s today (9am to 9pm).

Unfortunately, the Globe rep I asked tells me Apple isn’t automatically extending the free bumper case to the Philippines (you need to claim it from the US as it’s only applicable there).

I also managed to switch my plan to My Fully Loaded 1799 from the old iPhone Plan 1599 to get the 16GB iPhone 4 at reduced rate. The 16GB iPhone 4 costs Php37,499 (free on Plan 3799 @ 24 months) while the 32GB is Php43,699 (free on Plan 5000 @ 24 months) on prepaid plan.

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Update: It’s been 11 days since I got the new Globe postpaid micro-SIM and it’s still not activated yet. I have contacted @talk2globe at least 3 times but have not gotten anything done. They might have forgotten about my account already.

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  1. @denzy, tinawagan ka ba ng loyalty team and sabi ddeliver sayo or pinapili ka kung delivery or pickup?

  2. @ denzy

    finally dmating na din syo, hehe, congrats.

  3. @franc wala ngabtumawag eh, tumawag lng ako, noted lng s account ko na oct. 27 ang delivery date, hayyys wish ko lng…
    @pat sana dumating siya bukas, update ko kayo if dumating siya..

  4. wala parin! huhuhuhuhu :( wahhhhhhhh

  5. @denzy,

    what?too bad..i think its because they’re running out of stock.goodluck!

  6. @pat

    got it! ngtext sakin kung kakilala ko s fedex na nandun na yung unit ko.. tapos na pagdurusa ko s paghihintay, hehe… facetime na tau pat.. hehe

  7. pano b maset ung 3g settings para mgamit without wifi. Could not activate data network daw. Ung apn settings is, is this right? Sorry new user lang. =)

  8. @denzy,

    finally u got it,congrats:)


    go to settings then network, u can enable the 3g there, the apn is

  9. ako rin mag 2weeks na ako hintay d2 sa amin sa globe santiago isabela branch region 2 wala parin sa “hirap muna kayo bago sarap! sarap mean paghawak mo na iphone 4 mo peace

  10. sa ngayon hintay mode pa rin ako hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. ang buhay nga naman parang GLOBE ang tagal!!!!!

  12. kakaisip ko sa globe na panaginipan ko 2loy na katapusan na ng globe parang 2012 then minalas pa ako dahil iphone sabi ng taga globe sir! wala pang unit na available nge!! eh katapusan na ng globe>>>>>>>>>>



  15. MarkanCSI

    Ano Petsa kya tatawag skin ang globe?…

  16. MarkanCSI

    Nainip nko kakahintay sa globe. kumuha na ko sa isang store (they claim that they are apple/globe philippines reseller. i got it at P37,499 (same price at globe) and a (Free) globe tattoo micro sim.
    and now i’m playing with it…

  17. @markanCSI: though i have my iphone4 now… I’m still kinda curious bout that particular store… Where is that store located and what’s the name
    Of the store bro?^^

  18. markanCSI

    @ carlo the store name is POWER MAC CENTER located at 4th Floor Cyberzone SM North EDSA. my unit is locked with globe telecom…

  19. i am very satisfied w/ my 1-month old iPhone 4.
    – from Singapore w/ love.

  20. Hey everyone i upgraded my plan from a GFlex to Fully Loaded 1799, last month when I got my iP4. The freebies were activated just yesterday. I chose two D’s out of the five freebies; I received an SMS saying I was switched to KB browsing. Tried switching back to time browsing but it won’t let me.

    Talk2Globe CSR says I’ll be charged KB-based after my freebies are up. (And the sms from 1111 says I can’t go time-based because I’m on iPhone) Is this true?

    I read one earlier post saying we can switch back to time-based AFTER the free hours are consumed. If this is true, then why are we being switched to KB (knowing the freebies are based on time din naman).

    I’m lost. This might be the worst data plan. Help? I don’t understand.

  21. ito ba ang way ng globe ang pahintayin ng matagal ang mga clients nila heheheheheheeh

  22. jcomaling


    Hi jessica, on my observation, this KB/Time based charging for data plan is to protect you and globe from to MUCH unnecessary charges specially Iphone 4 users because Iphone 4
    use the internet like its just a cellular network..

    Hope this helps, sadly this is based on my experience. =(

    KB is normally charged @ .30cents per KB so if your downloading files ex.: 1MB(1000KB) in peso this is = 1000KB * 0.30 = 300 PESOS for 1MB of file!!!

    But if your on KB based plan for your freebies say for me I have 250 MB(=250000KB OR 75000.00 PESOS) included in my Plan 2199 iphone 3g this will not be a problem unless you
    went over the limit.

    That’s why if what the CSR is saying is correct. when your limit is reached you will revert to time based charging. because in globe 15mins = 5 pesos(Consumable meaning even if you used your net or iphone use the net for only 5 mins you’ll still pay 5 pesos).

    Iphone is an internet device which means it keeps on accessing the internet for email,messenger notifications, Facebook alerts and other apps requiring the internet for updates depending on your push notifications – see push notification intervals help.

    If your not careful Like I was in my first month of owning my iphone 3g 1 year ago, you’ll rack up charges like a drunk millionaire in a 7 star hotel.

    for example:
    your plan limit is spent 2199 so you are reverted to time based browsing 5 pesos per 15 mins of internet usage.

    1 HR = 20 pesos
    24 HR = 480 pesos
    assuming you spent your limit 10 days before the next billing period that a whooping 4800 Pesos on top of your 2199 peso bill bringing you to a total of 6999 pesos in your billing!

    This is a good thing because if you where not reverted to Time based and where
    kept to KB based charging

    assuming that you are a very heavy internet user and downloader that you can consume
    100 MB a day for 10 days thats 1GB which is equal to…..wait for it……

    300,000.00 PESOS on top of your 2199 pesos plan!!!! AMP thats just for data plan!!!

    so this goes without saying,be very careful and alert on how you use your new Iphone 4 or
    any celphone with data usage.


    Casual YM, Email, Facebook with NO downloads 24 HR online
    Recomended – KB Based

    Heavy user Downloads/video streaming/audio streaming 1 -2 hrs online
    Recommended – Time Based Browsing



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