Globe may offer new iPad 3 at 10k discount on May 29

Globe has sent out a release today that they will start offering the new iPad 3 + 4G starting May 29. This coincides with the official release of the new iPad in the Apple Online Store and local resellers.

So, what is Globe Telecom offering that you will not get in the Online Store and other premium resellers — most probably a discount or subsidy when you get the WiFi + 4G models to the tune of up to Php10,000.

In October last year, Globe also offered the iPad 2 WiFi + 3G with a Php10k discount to subscribers of UnliSurf Plan 999.

Globe may continue to offer the same under the Globe Tattoo Data Plans. This could be the Plan 999 and the Plan 1799.

Since Globe is promoting their 4G network, I guess the discount will only apply to the WiFi+4G variants of the new iPad and not the WiFi-only. Note though that the 4G here refers to HSPA+.

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  1. What a waste. Fancy telling us that Globe’s LTE isn’t even coherent enough for this new iPad ?

  2. globes 4g is so slow its not even worth the p999 a month

  3. Andre

    so thats 21k + 999 per month or the 999 is already included with the 21k? please make it crystal clear…

    • The plan is actually at 1k/month with a 22k cash out (depending on the iPad model).

  4. If this is the case… I must say… It’s very inviting… What’s the difference between a 3g and 4g plan btw? I got the 3g plan with an iPhone 4s right now and it’s reasonably fast.

    • Basically the same ! The plan applies on both 3G and 4G (HSPA+, DC HSPA) networks… It just depends on your device if it can carry 4G. The iPhone 4s is very well capable of speeds up to 14.4 Mbit/s. It’s fast because you are running on Globe’s 4G !

  5. Spend more to save more. That’s… wise.
    Device should be unlocked at the end of the lock-in period. Better yet it shouldn’t be locked to Globe at all -you’re already tied down with a contract!

    • Erm surprising enough, the device isn’t locked… The reps just insert the globe microsim, which is subscribed to the plan, but you can insert another sim !

  6. Mr. Curious

    This offer is only perfect for the on-the-go people. I actually would like to avail this offer but I realize, I will use my iPad3/the new iPad in school where wifi is free and fast, then I go straight to home after that where again I already have free wifi access (well because my parents pays for it and not me). I just hope Globe tel. would offer it in the wifi only version of the new iPad thou this may be impossible still hoping :D

    • The only incentive for telecoms to sell iPads is that they get to package their services with it. Strip the 3G/4G and what are they left with?

  7. this piece of crap won’t satisfy users in philippines where you have 2nd worst internet connection in the world

  8. Surfing speed is CRAP!! Been complaining for a week now…eversince I got my Ipad 3. Speed sometimes even drops to .03mbps.

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