iOS 7 might feature a more flat redesign

If you may have not known yet, Jony Ive – the person behind Apple industrial design – is now also making arrangements with the company’s software design. According to developers, he is trying to push a more “flat design” for the next iOS that aims to be simpler and starker.

yuga IOS7

Apple’s iOS has pretty much been the same since 2007; it’s a row of icons of apps, and throughout the years, there was an addition of wallpapers, a notification bar, a task-switcher, a voice assistant and a number of features. While those have been truly useful upgrades, there hasn’t been really much change in the whole design of iOS.

Some can argue it’s hard to change the whole theme of iOS as it greatly compliments other Apple software such as Mac OS X, but if you wanna take the business perspective, a little change can do great for the product as iOS has been quite stale. The report indicates any change will be conservative, so we don’t think it will really be that massive of a change.


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  1. Miss Call

    “Flatter design”, you mean like Windows 8?

  2. Lebron James

    “The report indicates any change will be conservative, so we don’t think it will really be that massive of a change.”

    Thank you for explaining to us what conservative means. You are a bad writer just like your boss and all this website stands for is copying/pasting news from larger publications. My advise is to switch careers while you’re young.

    • Another keyboard warrior hiding behind the anonymity offered by the internet. If you don’t like this website, why bother leaving a reply?

    • Lol. D na nya kasalanan kung di mo alam ang conservative. Bobits.

      At ano gusto mo mangyari? Gumawa sila ng imbentong news? Malamang kukuha sa iba. Articles should have sources.

    • Eto na naman nagmamarunong. Edi mag engadget ka cnet verge techcrunch wired t3 allthingsd. May options ka tsong di ko kailangan magsabi ng ganyan sa writer. If you can do better bat di ikaw mag apply at magsulat dito.

    • What, you don’t know what “conservative” means? My 4-year old cousin can state its definition in a second, plus she knows her “schadenfreude, onomatopoeia and apartheid”. Tsk tsk…clearly we all aren’t educated the same.

    • Grrrrrr

      Don’t feed the troll! Alam naman natin na wala yang ibang ginagawa sa buhay…

  3. Sabi na eh, title palang alam ko nang ang walang kwentang author na naman to.
    Kopya nanaman sa iba. Zzzzzzz. Wa wenta. Kbye.

  4. Lebron James

    I check this website for the local content which is still one of the best sources. But if you’re just going to be copying / pasting from another publication then you might as well put the link.

    Your writing reminds me of classmates I’ve had back in college who report something in English and try to explain it in Filipino. Literally translating everything word for word.

    • sjdlanf

      There is a link. Dumbcrap

    • Chicken

      ^exactly. everything is just copied, summarized or reworded.

      i hope bob isn’t paid for this crap.

  5. Baklaaaaaaaaaaa! Ano ba yan! Ikaw sister ha, flat ba? Mag dianne ka para powerful

  6. if they’ll just revamp the UI but same old features and no additional “awesome” in-board apps for the next iphone., i might have to think thrice to replace my iphone5 hey look at sgs4’s improvements.

  7. darkmoondy

    my hater na rin ang yugatech……dti lagi ako nagbabasa sa site na to about review…matatalino nag iiwan ng comment ngaun my ganyan na…


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