iPhone 5: Jailbroken on its first day

Well that was quick. Reputable iPhone developer chpwn already jailbroken the “best iPhone ever made” on the same date that it got launched.

On a Twitter post, Grant Paul aka chpwn Tweeted “Taller screens like Cydia too. :)” with an attached screenshot of the iPhone 5’s home screen with a Cydia icon. Here’s a screenshot of that conversation including a confirmation from the man himself.

But don’t get your hopes up that much as this is not yet available for public consumption. Nevertheless, it’s a great start and our guess is that it won’t be too long before users get their hands on an untethered jailbreak.


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  1. It has already been jailbroken. Albeit, still not available for the masses.

  2. Miss Call

    Consumer: buys iPhone because it is the most amazing phone in the market. Jailbreaks it because it is not enough.

    • That is quite ironic. To use the word amazing and not enough to describe someting. And no, it is not the most amazing smartphone in the market, it is, though, the most amazing iphone since iphone.

    • Is there a LIKE button here somewhere?

  3. On the day pa ng launching..oh heck

  4. eto madali lang magjailbreak ng iphone 5..



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