iPhone 6 live photos beside the iPhone 5

These new set of photos of the iPhone 6 photographed together with the iPhone 5S has completely unmasked any remaining mystery as to the look and design of Apple’s new iPhone.

And based on this new set of live photos, we’re looking at the 4.7-inch model.






The photo above shows the placement of the ports and buttons of the iPhone 6 which matches the ones we have with the Spigen cases we got here this week.

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In related news, Apple is offering a free battery replacement to iPhone 5 users.


See details here.

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  1. billdivisoria

    Haha, sana me dual sim version,lol.

  2. Looks credible. But the placement of the lone speaker is weird.

    • The iPhone 6 cases we got from Spigen last week also had one port for the speakers, as seen in the photo we took above.

    • not surprising at all.. iPhone 4,4S,5,5s,5c all have only 1 speaker. the other grille is the mic..
      you can even see it in technical specs on apple.com. only difference now is that it’s obviously not a speaker

  3. boy amats

    It must be inspired by the HTC One M7.

  4. nerdgasm time for fanboys!

    no thanks, i’ll just wait for xiaomi note

  5. I hope samsung makes another device with the same design of iphone. It looks nice!

  6. ItsAlvinYouDork

    The horizontal lines at the back which was seen first on iPhone 5 is a lot more prominent now. It’s does look undesirable personally. But I’ve read before that that was the case because it is an affordance for the internal antennae. The speaker grill is indeed another head scratcher as it’s only present on one side. You might wonder how is the stereo separation of the device when you use Siri or during a handsfree call. The sound on an iPhone is not as loud as those on other brands but iPhone have better separation on it’s built-in left and right speaker

  7. Still waiting for mi4


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