MiLi powers all things Apple

Met up with the local distributor of MiLi where they showed me their whole line of extended battery packs for all things made by Apple, including the new iPhone 4 and the iPad.

I borrowed this one (the MiLi Power Spring 4) which is specifically made for the iPhone 4. It looks like a regular casing, though a bit thick, that doubles as a 1600mAh battery charger (adds up to about 80% additional battery life of a fully charged iPhone).

They have ones for the 3G and 3GS as well as for the iPod 2G and up but I think external battery packs are more important for the iPhone since their batteries drain much faster. All battery packs come with a light indicator so you know how much battery life is left on the unit (you charge it back via a micro-USB cable that comes with it).

If you don’t own an iPhone but is still looking for a more practical and portable battery pack for your smartphones, the MiLi Power Miracle supports quite a number of handsets.

The Power Miracle comes with 6 adapters for Nokia, LG, Samsung, iPhone as well a mini-USB and micro-USB ports. The battery pack is rated at 2000mAh (around 130% to 150% more battery life) and charges via mini-USB.

To complete the line, MiLi also has a couple of fancy universal chargers and pocket-sized USB chargers.

Here’s the complete price list of the items above:
Power Spring 4: Php3,200
Power Pack: Php3,200
Power Skin: Php2,950
Power Spring: Php2,950
Power Angel: Php1,490
Power Miracle: Php1,650
Power Crystal: Php1,650
Universal Charger: Php1,560
Pocket Pal: Php690

The items are also available on all PowerMac Center but you can inquire directly to them.

MiLi Philippines
m: 0917-8990684
@miliphil on Twitter

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  1. Finally! Need the extra juice for my 3GS.

  2. islacom

    Great set of Products!

  3. More power means mo time to play around with your iOS Device!! :)

  4. Does it have a website or only at facebook?

  5. @cisco – they only started distribution this month so website is still in development.

  6. Thanks for the review, Abe! :) Apart from Power Mac Center, all products are also available at The A.Shop and Switch.

  7. @abe have you tried this to power the sapido router? Thanks.

  8. Hi.. sino expert dito sa electrical.. I got question.. my laptop adaptor output is 19v 4.74A… and the mili power king output is 18-20v but only 3.5A… do you think guys it will work.. are we going to have a problem when i use the mili power king..

    • Wont work. You will either overheat or short the battery pack.

    • Thanks for the reply.. yup.. di ko na rin kinuha.. worried din ako na baka masira si lappy ko…

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