Plastic shell of the cheaper iPhone leaks

Alongside with the upcoming iPhone 5S, rumors of Apple’s “budget” iPhone have been around for months with leaks to support its existence.

As the rumors suggest, the cheaper iPhone will be made with plastic and will come in a wide range of colors, just like the 5th Gen iPod Touch except for the materials used. Based on the recent leak that came from a mutual friend of a guy in China that works with Foxconn, the back shell of it will feature a camera, an LED flash and a microphone with an iPhone branding at the bottom. Looks familar, right?

Cheaper iPhone back shell

With all the rumors suggesting that a cheaper iPhone is at work, Apple seems to be “adjusting” to the call of market share with Samsung but they still denied its existence.

This is not the first time Apple shifted their products in order to keep up with other manufacturers. iPad Mini is Apple’s answer to Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.


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  1. Santa Santita

    ang gwapo naman ng writer sarap basahin paulit ulit ang article na to. Di nakakasawa. Nakakakilig lang shet

  2. Carl L

    Taking tips from Nokia? Whoa that is really an innovation /sarcasm

  3. I wonder what would be the price of this cheaper iphone???

  4. copy paste yung article ah.. di man lang nag effort mag type..

    eto oh.

  5. thequickbrownFlip

    May creativity slump yata yung mga ibang writers dito hehehe. Pirated yung article, natural lang it deserves some bashing

  6. At least ang website na to ang kinopya di sila ang mango pay, hello Chinese makakasulat ng ganun, ehh puro mangongopya Lang alam nila

  7. may nakalagay po na “source” sa dulo ng post :)

  8. galaxy

    ba yan. iphone crap nanaman.

    anyways, kaya yan new writer! kaya nga ni freks eh,. rami lang gago everywhere

  9. Haykal Lorena

    Look renders and other colors. iPhone is cute in plastic too


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