Pre-order for 5th-Gen iPod Touch starts at Php16,490

The Apple Philippines Online Store has put up the iPod Touch 5G for pre-order. The price starts at Php16,490 for the 32GB model.

Only the 32GB and the 64GB of the iPod Touch are now available for the 5th-generation models.

For the first time, Apple has introduced more colors (aside from the white and black) — blue, yellow, pink and the Product Red.

The 32GB model will sell for Php16,490 while the 64GB model sells for Php21,990. The items are set to be shipped this October but there’s no exact date.

What’s interesting is that Apple actually indicated how much the GST and fees are — Php3,867 for the 32GB and Php5,164 for the 64GB.

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  1. So, Is it the same date of releasing it. When I watched the video podcast it will be ship at October,


    Q: October? world wide?