Rumored 2012 iPod Touch to get dual-core A5 chip

The Apple iPod has certainly come a long way since it was introduced back in 2001. From being bulky, it has taken different shapes and sizes to cater to consumer’s needs.

The introduction of bigger screen and touch screen capabilities on devices such as the iPod not only made navigating through tons of music more conveniently, but also added functionalities like touch controlled gaming, internet browsing and more comfortable movie watching (just to name a few) that were previously not available on screen less PMPs (Portable Media Players). And with recent addition of two cameras and the stunning Retina display back in 2010, the iPod Touch 4th Generation has almost took a shape of a smartphone but without a SIM (which can be fixed by adding an accessory).

For the past four years the iPod Touch product line has kept getting better and better. But last year was a different story as we saw a bit of a slump in the iPod line, only producing a white variant for the iPod Touch 4th generation. To make up for this, there has been rumor spreading that the upcoming iPod Touch will sport a dual core processor.

So the question now is “do we really need dual core processor on the upcoming iPod Touch?” I mean, yes we can now shoot 1080p clips, get more out of every charge, more detailed display while gaming or watching and more responsiveness for faster multi-tasking, but do we really need all of this on a PMP? I get the idea of bringing more features to a traditional PMP but don’t you think that this is a little over the edge?

In our ever evolving world of technology, simple devices like the iPod have turned into something really spectacular to the point that it can almost outdo smartphones in some, if not most, aspects. To me, putting a dual-core processor in the upcoming iPod isn’t a bad idea so long as it would not affect the pricing that much. But if pricing is going to be a concern, then I’d rather have a 160GB iPod touch with Retina display and more refined sound quality (which I think should be the main focus for PMPs) than it having a fancy dual-core processor. Only then would I have enough reason to upgrade my beloved iPod Classic 5th generation to an iPod Touch.

No official announcements were made when this new iPod will be released. But if the Cupertino company will religiously follow their tradition, it should be released on September this year. While we wait and see how this turns out, we’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

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  1. I think it will not affect the pricing. AFAIK dual core is the “standard” nowadays. Having said that, standard pricing is also expected. Opinion ko lang naman..hehe

    • winnie b.

      +1. This move may even be more cost effective for a company because, like in the computer industry, older technology usually eventually becomes costlier after the new technology becomes the standard. Just try buying RAM for an old desktop computer.

  2. kebbot
    Twitter: kristian

    I guess dual core on ipod touch device is not needed knowing the battery life of all apple products s*cks.

    • That is not true.. my 2 year old ipod touch last 7 days with 4 hours of gaming and 2 hours of music via bluetooth headphones every day.

    • That is not true.. my 2 year old ipod touch last 5 days with 5 hours of gaming and music via bluetooth headphones every day.

  3. JCdela Cruz
    Twitter: jcinwinupd8

    No need to upgrade the Ipod Touch, better if Apple will dump this product and go for the iPad Mini which deserves to have a dual core chip.

  4. deuts
    Twitter: deuts

    Dual-core would be great for high graphics games available in the App store. But a 160GB, or maybe even better a 320GB, iPod Touch would certainly be a good addition to my gadgets. :D

    • *read the Whole thing Before You Criticize my reply
      Not Gonna Happen Apple is not willing to put more Storage in it Unless they are willing to sacrifice the Thinness of the Device Plus adding 120 or 320 GB would mean an SSD or HDD which would not happen unless they are willing to Implement a Super Experimental (An Experiment not even ready to be tested on a device due to power leaks) Silicon which would mean it doubling the rate of the Storage capacity without increasing the Size

      *Like I Said Before Apple is not afraid to gain its idevices a “Few” Meaning VERY LITTLE Weight and Thickness But Hears the Thing the New Gen iPad only Gained 1-2mm Thick and the iPad gained Very little Weight like a few grains of Rice like 6-10 Grains but compared to the SSD or HDD which will supply your theorized 120 or 320GB iDevice its will gain not only Weight but Thickness BIGTIME!!! One of the reasons why a Laptop is Heavy is Because of its HDD or SSD…An SSD could weigh around .238lbs and, Yes, the Weight Increased BIGTIME

      *And an HDD version of the iPod touch would be Susceptable to Corruption because when you Shake or tilt the Device…(HDD is a Disk with a Needle so Shaking it could Lose all your Data)

  5. I really wish iPod Touch would be marketed as iPad Mini sporting a 5″ display. Or why not also put micro sim card in it? iPod Touch 3G (no phone features just data) perhaps?

  6. Yung speakers sana lumakas pa parang Live w/ walkman tapos yung screen pwede na yung 4″ to 5″ yung processor kahit wag na muna snappy parin iPod touch compared sa SE Mini Pro ko

  7. There might not be a need for such CPU but it’s either some cost saving measure or just the fact that the general consumer are easy marketing preys for higher numbers.

  8. I think dual core cpu is not necessary for ipod but if it will not have dual core, in the future it will be left behind in technology.

    • Not all Apps Require 4 cores…. Yes 2 cores may mean left behind but putting the question of battery life 2 cores is just enough to Keep The Battery life “Healthy” What i think it needs is a Graphics update and Ram Update and Especially Battery to Keep the 2 cores, Graphics and Ram Running with a Healthy amount of Battery life left

  9. Linux_tsukai

    I think they will feature the surplus a5 processors as the next apple products will already feature a5x and a6 (to be manufactured this july). Seeing as ipod sales plummet greatly since last year, I doubt this would be a hit. On that note, I still have my 1st gen ipod with me and was never tempted to upgrade since.

  10. IceMan90

    upgrade nila yung camera up to 5mp just like in the new iPad.. it would be a plus factor for me

  11. watrboy
    Twitter: Yugatech

    hope they make a 7 inch version :)

    • When this thing happen, i can definitely say they’ve been “samsunged”. hahaha

    • Very unlikely that they would make a 7-inch device. They could make a bigger iPod Touch but not a smaller iPad. They could make it appear that they made something bigger rather making something smaller. LOL.

  12. sana hindi lang processor upgrade nila, gawin na din nila 512MB ang ram ng ipodtouch, currently 256MB Ram lang eh, bitin na bitin.

  13. ronnel0918
    Twitter: ronnel0918

    Hoping for FLAC compatibility. :))

  14. Better battery life matters and should be the first in line. The 4th gen. battery sucks, It last less than a day.

    Second is the screen size.

  15. Been waiting for this since last year. The 4th gen had great reputation already. Hoping for RAM upgrade, Camera Upgrade, Display Upgrade. Battery life was great when it was still on iOS 4.3,it changes when iOS 5 was released. and they are still working on that issue

  16. they should upgrade the ff:

    1 battery
    2 RAM (512MB sana)
    3 Front and back camera
    4 processor and graphics
    5 screen size (but i doubt they’ll change its size)

  17. makes sense, since apple is marketing it as a gaming device, but i really wish it’ll have better cameras and bumped up RAM!!!!

  18. ARL
    Twitter: gudboyARL

    I’m satisfied with my 5th Gen iPod Classic, 80GB piano black… docked beautifully on its own Altec Lansic Speaker hehehe!

  19. I’m happy with my iPod Touch 4th Gen which is with me for almost a couple of years now. This is the most convenient gadget I own aside from my phone.

  20. Fm radio lagyan nla

  21. Can I ask your suggestions?
    Im planning to go to singapore to buy a gadget, Ive been thinking kung PS Vita or iPod Touch 4th gen ang bibilin ko. TIA

    • If your willing to wait for Games to Come out in the Vita get the Vita on the other hand the iTouch has an array of apps and a longer battery life than the vita the iTouch has better features and the camera of the vita sucks. I Should know…. I have both but the vita has amazing graphics

  22. If your willing to wait for Games to Come out in the Vita get the Vita on the other hand the iTouch has an array of apps and a longer battery life than the vita the iTouch has better features and the camera of the vita sucks. I Should know…. I have both but the vita has amazing graphics

  23. Yes, It needs an upgrade, it’s gonna be a hit if it would have a dual core processor, that processor is for gaming isn’t it? they marketed iPod touch as a gaming device not only as PMPs. If it wasn’t not for gaming, what was it for? If it was just for playing music, videos etc…they should have retained it to “iPod only”. They even put a quotation “It has fun all over it”. That’s it’s purpose though it’s not an iPhone they call iPhone without a phone and iOs is a good platform for playing apps. Apple made the iPod touch for those who want to experience iOs without spending much to buy an iPhone. Did you get what I mean

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