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January 06, 2013

Still remember the iPod Mini?

If you’ve been a long-time Apple fan, I am sure you still remember the iPod Mini. This was way back nine years ago when Apple was just starting to enter the music player market and iTunes was just introduced to Windows.

Apple’s iTunes used to be exclusive for Mac OS and then later on introduced to Windows users (2003). During the announcement of the iPod Mini, it was already available for Windows users thereby expanding Apple’s potential market reach.

The iPod Mini was supposed to be a smaller, lighter and more affordable version of the classic iPod (back in the days, a 30GB iPod would sell over Php30k a pop). The iPod Mini had smaller storage and uses a microdrive (CompactFlash II) in 4GB and 6GB sizes.

The one we found here just recently is an old 4GB silver iPod Mini and it’s actually still in good working condition.

This device is almost 9 years old already and the microdrive survived all these years. Anybody out there has an old, but still working, Apple iPod?

25 Responses to “Still remember the iPod Mini?”

  1. Miss Pinky Heart
    Twitter: PinkyHeart6

    I still have the 30GB iPod Video, puro scratches na, but still working.

  2. rossini zige says:

    i have one! 4Gb, same color. it’s always on my ipod dock. it’s also one of my several alarm clocks. i still love it even though i have a newer itouch and ipad. parang retro kasi that’s why i love it

    • Chola says:

      Same here, still uses my first gen blue ipod mini as my alarm clock which is always on the dock.

  3. snap says:

    i still have my 1st generation ipod touch, still working pa din.

  4. momonjapon says:

    yey for scroll wheel! :D

  5. Francisco Reyes says:

    i have the 80GB iPod Video(2005) still working

  6. Wendell Tan
    Twitter: wendelltan

    U2 edition ipod click wheel 20gb,

  7. mackee13
    Twitter: mackee13

    Same here. Still using my iPod Video 5.5gen :)

    btw, I have a silicon case for iPod Mini (white/transparent and of good quality) if anyone’s interested…you can have it :)

  8. marvo says:

    i still have my first gen black ipod nano ..still working. very cute and thin.
    i love remembering old gadgets, especially nokia phones. ung mga flagship phones nila na 7650,6600,mga weird designs ng 3650 at 7600 then to the powerful nseries. hay,those were the days..

  9. ChrisP
    Twitter: chrispungtilan

    Still have 1st gen ipod nano black. Papalitan na ang battery.

  10. Browse
    Twitter: browse10

    iPod mini ? Nokia 3310, hahaha I guess I can’t compare this 2 they are diffirent. Music Player and a Phone. One thing I know for sure its durability is incomparable. We still have 3310 here and its working still but we mainly use it for eloading business. I don’t know of how many years this device could last. As far a I remember every electronic devices and appliances are only good for the first for the first 8 years. Example, if you have a refrigerator you can only save money and energy within the 8 yers. After that it will turned old and consume too much electricity. The next option is to buy and dispose the old one. Guess what? This devices iPod Mini and Nokia 3310 changed the tragic end, for this I can say, “It made for humans” — ? my blog ^.^

  11. Glenda says:

    I have a 5th gen iPod 32 GB. It’s still working after all these years. I think that it’s an older version of the one in this article.

  12. Glenda says:

    30GB iPod Video pala :)

  13. simplynice93
    Twitter: simplynice93

    I’m still using my 16GB ipod nano 3rd gen and still very good working condition. Sana it will be working after 6 more years…

  14. Tere says:

    I still have the pink ipod mini, and it’s still in good working condition. Still looks new (since I took really good care of it.)

  15. Joman says:

    Still have the same Blue iPod mini that is always plugged in my car stereo. Oldies iPod for my oldies playlist.

  16. doinksdoinks says:

    I still got my ipod video 60 gig (2005)

  17. edwingrajo says:

    I still have a working pristine condition. ipod 4th-gen click-wheel. this is the last gen of black & white screen.

  18. JD Torralba says:

    I still have an iPod 4GB like that… I accidentally dropped it in pail of water, got a hot iron placed on top on it (accidentally too.. XD) and yet it is still working up to now.. :D

  19. andre says:

    iPod mini still used hard disks, albeit the 1.8″ drives di ba? the first iPods that used flash memory was the nano, if I remember right.

  20. andre says:

    iPod mini still used a hard disk; it was the iPod Nano that was the first iPod to use flash memory

  21. Arl
    Twitter: gudboyARL

    I still have my working iPod 5.5 80GB… With good battery life and sits beautifully on its own altec lansing dock speaker…

  22. RJ says:

    My coworker sold his iPod mini 6GB to me in 2009 (it was also given to him by her aunt from US), til I could still use it and actually selling it to my friend after I bought an iPod classic 80GB from my new coworker, it’s really tough, definitely worth every you’ll spend on it.

  23. RJ says:

    My coworker sold his iPod mini 6GB to me in 2009 (it was also given to him by her aunt from US), til NOW I could still use it and actually selling it to my friend after I bought an iPod classic 80GB from my new coworker, it’s really tough, definitely worth every BUCK you’ll spend on it.

  24. JET says:

    still have my first generation IPOD SHUFFLE.

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