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August 28, 2011

The case of a broken Macbook Air

This was supposed to be a minor accident involving my new Macbook Air a couple of days ago but it turned out to be pretty damaging actually.

The adaptor of my MBA slipped from my hands and dropped around 7 or 8 inches from the keyboard (near the area where the power button is). Hit the F11 and F12 keys and bounced to the lower right corner of the screen.

The screen blurred and I got this.

Looks like a gash but actually the LCD is fine — no cracks or bruises. It’s the panel inside that’s affected and the display has that bleeding effect with some 15-20% of the screen area already unusable.

I think it was just bad luck. My old Macbook Air suffered much worse accidents in the 9 or so month I used it. This new one — barely 3 weeks.

Brought it to the store where I got it for a check-up and they admitted the screen is somewhat fragile to have that kind of damage for a minor bump but could not do anything except for giving me the number of the Apple’s Customer Support.

I know accidental damage isn’t covered by the warranty so either I return it for parts replacement (they tell me it will cost between Php25k to Php30k) or I just figure out a way to get one from eBay.

For the meantime, I’ve hooked this up on an external monitor so I can still use it. Despite having a desktop PC and a couple other laptops around, I just don’t have the urge to blog without my Macbook Air (oh my, am I becoming a Apple fanboy Macaddict?).

50 Responses to “The case of a broken Macbook Air”

  1. your blog hits can make money to buy a new one lolz!

  2. Benchmark says:

    WOW! The busted screen looks familiar! :) It happen to me in my 1 week old Acer notebook….I slept on it while surfing…worse I had a table fan on it while on the top double decked bed.

    At first I thought it was fine seeing a small glass bump on the screen…when I turned it on…OUCH! Only 1/4 of the screen is viewable! :(

    Funny thing is, I was able to play Plants vs. Zombie on it for a month before I finally had it fixed! Hahahaha :-D

    I am not sure with your mac, it cost me 7k for the busted LCD at M.O.A. (I can’t remember the name of that repair shop, I think its SST…)

  3. garz says:

    That’s one disadvantage of getting a Mac. Premium parts and services..

  4. gmx says:

    @garz pricing of parts of Macs are average compared to other PC manufacturers. In some cases, like with Sony and Fujitsu, the prices are higher.

  5. Messie says:

    I don’t understand. I’ve always seen people praising Mac due to it having the best After Sales Customer Support, is this only the case for official Apple Stores and not for Apple Premium Resellers? Bad trip naman if accidental damage is not included in the warranty, seeing that it is the usual reason to damage your product. (Factory damage have very small probability due to good QC)

  6. EdwinC says:

    Ok lang ‘yan, Sir Yuga. Wealthy ka naman. You can afford to do that to your gadgets and still be able to buy a new one.

  7. Bunny says:

    Don’t worry, I-click ko adsense ads mo abe para pangdagdag ng earnings at makabili ka ng ng bagong macbook air.

  8. Bunny says:

    Don’t worry abe.. Ki-clck ko ad$sen$e ad$ mo para dumami earnings and makabili ka ng bagong mac book air.

  9. Rizza says:

    Duh, sir Yuga! You’re a macaddict already! =) most of your reviews on ‘other’ gadgets were photographed with your macbook air as the background.

  10. Lester Bambico says:

    Papirmahan mo kay Steve Ballmer lol.
    Mr. Ballmer, would you sign my mac?

  11. enuh says:

    Hi Yuga, If you’re a member of philmug, I believe there’s a mugger who does repair services on Apple products and can fix this at lower cost- I saw a mugger enlist his help in fixing a broken iPad 2 screen. He has a shop in greenhills. I can’t remember his username but if you browse through philmug you’ll find his name and contact information there. :)

  12. daniel says:

    wahahaha sira! mac pa naman. siguro kahit mayaman na ako di ako bibili nyan! nakakalito ung keyboard at OS! nabuhay kasi akong windows eh. hahah

  13. Kyle says:

    For the price of the replacement parts, you can actually purchase the HP’s 11.6″ dm1z, which offers a real-life battery length of 9+ hours and is considered a serious alternative to the 11.6″ MBA in terms on portability and usability in Anandtech’s review.

  14. anna mae says:

    hi sir yuga – pag ayaw mo na po give mo na lang sakin, kung ok lang :)

  15. gary says:

    all of these gadgets are disposable… better save your money, rather than buying those crap.

  16. jonaflormicfren
    Twitter: daniojr

    That is part of change and it need to be change.

  17. justine
    Twitter: justinecapili

    Yan ba yung latest na MBA? With backlit keyboard? Damn! That was an awful experience. Gusto ko din magka Mac! :|

  18. RAWR says:

    Sir halata ba yung crack? pwede naman siguro sabihin na lang na hindi siya nabagsakan/naaksidente para icover ng warranty..

    I have a unibody macbookpro 13.3″…one day nagloko battery then hindi na mabuhay..Ayun motherboard daw 30-40k repair…thats 3months after warranty..ok ang apple sa design at innovations…

    Should have buy that applecare! DAMN!

  19. joseph says:

    ito yung main problem pag bumili ka ng mahal na gadget pag nasira MAHAL din ang repair…

  20. Jethro says:

    As Vegeta have said…….


    Vegeta! What does the scouter say about the replacement price?
    Vegeta:It’s over 9000!

  21. Bless says:

    Did u have it fixed? I got mine for my macbook 13″ unibody for 9k. Boy it looked like new. They used the same screen for a lower cost. Had it assessed from apple service center and valued the repair at 72k.. I was like, u kidding me? Dava?

  22. James Zhang says:

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