Anybody biting into that cheaper iPhone Mini?

There’s been a lot of rumors surrounding what supposedly is a less expensive iPhone Mini. The same reason that Apple decided to make a more affordable iPad Mini, the iPhone Mini could also be a move to gain more market share. The question is — will people bite into that Apple idea?

In a previous article, we shared with you why we think the iPhone Mini makes a lot of sense for Apple

So we thought we’d put it to a test — here’ what we think an iPhone Mini would look like.

It will come in a smaller screen, just like the old iPhone 4. Here’s the possible specs:

iPhone Mini specs:
3.5-inch Retina Display @ 960×640 pixels
Apple 1.0GHz A5 dual-core chip
8GB, 16GB internal storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
GPS w/ aGPS support
5MP rear camera with LED flash
2nd front-facing camera
iOS 6

It will be around 9.3mm thin. By this time, Apple would have announced the iPhone 5s (or possibly the iPhone 6) and will try to build NFC around the app ecosystem.

The other question is how will Apple sell this, if ever they will? First, we believe that a $99 price tag (with contract) will be the selling point when they announce it with US carriers. In other countries like the Philippines, it could be in the $499 to $549 price range.

So, if the iPhone Mini will ever be true, it’s like Apple is selling you a re-designed iPhone 4/4S. Will you bite?

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  1. fat internet guy

    Me me!! I’ve always wanted an iPhone but could never afford one. :( I hope this comes soon so I can finally have an iphone too!

  2. please don’t :O Steve Jobs wouldnt like it. :))

  3. shitotaku

    the only reason why apple is doing it is to compete in the “low-end phone” market. apple is doing shitty products now. and steve jobs always go for maximizing the quality of the product, not the profit.


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