What’s the iPhone 4s price with Globe? We Speculate.

Whatever you think of the iPhone 4S, it will still be a huge hit and demands will most likely exceed supply (just like how it happened with the iPhone 4). But before we say if it’s really worthy buy or not, we still need to know how much it will cost once it lands in the Philippines.

We already have a baseline price which is the iPhone 4 Prepaid Kit when it was released in the Philippines by Globe Telecom 12 months ago.

iPhone 4 16GB – Php 37,499
iPhone 4 32GB – Php 43,699

I believe that price from Globe remains the same until today (correct me if I’m wrong though). It is very likely that the iPhone 4S will follow the same pricing table.

iPhone 4S 16GB – Php 37,499
iPhone 4S 32GB – Php 43,699
iPhone 4S 64GB – Php 49,899

The iPhone 4 will then be dropped a few thousand bucks:

iPhone 4 16GB – Php 32,499
iPhone 4 32GB – Php 37,499

If there are still remaining units in the stockroom, the iPhone 3GS 8GB will still be sold at Php15,899 on My Super Plan 299.

Globe will probably contemplate on the iPhone 4S pricing scheme and might lower it a bit. However, we’ve seen that the weakening US dollar of the Philippine Peso has even affected the prices of the iPod Touch on the Apple Online Store. The strong peso US Dollar will drive the price of the iPhone 4S higher than expected. It was Php1k higher for the iPod Touch 32GB and 64GB so it could be the same or double for the iPhone 4S.

These are just estimates. It could sway both ways but I’m thinking it won’t exceed +/- 10%. The release date is still far off — probably November or December so a few more things could happen to change these estimates.

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  1. I’m working in one of the major telcos in north america. in our preorder site iphone4s 16gb cost arround $649.

    • U A Bitch

      Liar! The phone starts at $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB: all with free 5GB of iCloud — in any major telcos: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint. Not even a SINGLE network offers an unlocked version. So, you’re not working on that telecommunications company you’re saying.

      You can ONLY get an unlocked iPhone from the Apple Store and/or online. And it starts at $649 for 16GB, $749 for 32GB and $849 for 64GB.

  2. With 64GB this alone is a worthy upgrade for an iPhone 4. It will also make my mobile life easier to bear as I can leave behind my iPad 2 when travelling light or over an adventurous weekend.

  3. sir yuga where to buy unlocked iphone 4s that can be delivered here in the philippines? thanks.

    • Isamaru88

      You can buy unlocked iphone4/iphone4s in greenhills or in tipidcp.com but don’t expect warranties from apple since iphone’s warranty is only valid in the country which they were purchased.

  4. Apple’s latest smartphone has scored more than 200,000 preorders for AT&T in its first 12 hours of availability. – So it looks like Apple has done it again.

  5. what is frustrating here is that Apple priced it as $199, $299, and $399 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. If we will convert it to peso (at Php44 per 1S$), the price should only be
    Php 8,756 (16GB)
    Php 13,156 and (32GB)
    Php 17,556 (64GB)

    BS!. That’s cheap for a smartphone with apple logo. However, law of supply and demand, return of investment after Php6B+++ and taxes (Globe has to pay for Apple for the rights of distribution in RP), and GREED affects the final cost of this product to the Philippines come Mid-November to December.

    I do hope, though its highly improbable, that Sun and Smart got the balls to acquire the rights of distribution of iPhone (and the hefty budget too)to provide more competition and hopefully drag the price down (or at least offer better deals to consumers), just like in the US (with 2-3 carriers).

    Just my two cents


    • One word: SUBSIDY.

      Real prices are $649, $749, and $849.

    • Plus custom duties and taxes to land it here. consider shipping and freight charges. So people, ipon ipon na.

    • Cipher, that amount comes with a contracted plan. It’s also same here. Example, iPhone 4 with a Plan 1799 in Globe is only P9,899 for the 16GB unit.

      Baka na mislead ka lang na the $199 dollars lang yung 4S. But, you have to subscribe to a plan for you to get that low price.

    • Flashpoint

      If you had read and researched further, those prices you mentioned are actually bundles that bind you to a contract with a specific carrier. No need to go ballistic.. ;)

      Expect that the prices for the 4s will go skyward when it reaches the Philippines.


      Check that link above and calculate the Dollar to Peso exchange rate. As of this writing it’s $1 = P43 so…

      16gb = 27,907
      32gb = 32,207
      64gb = 36,507

      That’s just the price of the phone itself and mark-up’s are not included. Take into consideration the taxes (or bribes if it’s smuggled) and fees that the seller will have to shoulder until it gets sold. Yeeech! It is really worth it?

    • michelle

      hi i bought iphone 4s here in Australia unlock i bought for 45,360 pesos that is the price here its 64GB.

    • Sir may plan ka pa na kailangang bayaran, mga around $50/month din babayaran mo depende sa plan na kukunin mo

  6. may balak ba kayong bumili ng ganyan kamahal na cellphone? ehh kung may HTC and SAMSUNG phones naman na mas matibay at mas mabilis.

  7. Any word yet if this phone will be released with Globe before Christmas?

    • Yep it will be released before christmas :) no specific date yet though.

  8. bili nlang ako ng motor he he he

  9. There’s no mention of the 8gb iPhone 4, or what would be the predicted price?

    I really am looking forward on how much globe would sell that.

  10. Pricing isnt available for 4S since it hasnt been finalized yet. But itll definitely be more expensive than iP4. I work for the telecom company ;)

  11. it’s 57K(prepaid) in ATC. i dont know for the memory. maybe its the 32GB.

    SMART, will be getting the iPhone4S for their postpaid plan.

    no idea about the plan however i think the cash out is like 15k-20k and then a 24 month contract of Php3,500 plan.

    nahhhh! not worthy of a phone!

    but i ♥ Siri…

  12. Here is the handset price of iphone 4s for prepaid users per globe advisory I got today, to wit:

    64gb – Php49,199.00
    32gb – Php43,399.00
    16gb – Php37,599.00

    The Philippine price is 10k more expensive than the USA and Singapore prices as posted in the Apple Online Store of both countries.

    A classic case of corporate greed. If you have a passport and willing to fly to Singapore using their PHP888.00 promo fares you can buy the unit there

  13. I don’t see Globe’s prices on their site. Smart’s is 33,200 for the 16gb. Wondering if I should just get one in Hongkong which is about 5,000 pesos cheaper.

  14. Jansen Go

    Selling Iphone 4S.

    16GB – P37,000.00 (Black & white).

    32GB – P42,500.00 (Black & white).

    64GB – P46,000.00 (Black & white).

  15. Jansen Go

    Selling Iphone 4S.

    16GB – P37,000.00 (Black & white).

    32GB – P42,500.00 (Black & white).

    64GB – P46,000.00 (Black & white).

    text me 09178903437

  16. Selling Iphone 4S. (locked in SMART)

    16GB – P33,200.00 (Black & white).

    32GB – P38,200.00 (Black & white).

    64GB – P43,200.00 (Black & white).

    Selling Iphone 4S.(locked in GLOBE)

    16GB – P37,000.00 (Black & white).

    32GB – P42,500.00 (Black & white).

    64GB – P46,000.00 (Black & white).

  17. wla kwenta kahit mahal cp mo!!:))

  18. Hi. My name is Dustin Jones from USA. We have repair and refurbishing facility in Philippines close to Manila. This is not open to public but we do have about 500-2000 iPhone 3G, 3GS and i4 moving through here each month.

    We’re looking for wholesale buyers of 10+ pieces and to build a market in Philippines, instead of just sending back to USA or other country for resell.

    If interested, please e-mail me at djones [at]] ivox solutions dot com.

    Thank you


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