Why we’re disappointed there’s no iPhone 5?

Probably the biggest disappointment with a lot of Apple fans, including me, is that there’s no real new iPhone. Yes, there’s the iPhone 4s but most of us were expecting an iPhone 5 — a totally re-designed and cosmetically enhanced compared to the iPhone 4.

Apple took 16 months from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S and I ask why did they took that long and only had these upgrades?

Since the iPhone 4, a lot of competitors have brought so many Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets into the market — a lot of them are really great and impressive devices.

Let me try to dissect the source of that disappointment.

  • Apple took 16 months and the only major upgrades were a CPU, graphics and camera. So okay, these are the heart and soul of a smartphone but the upgrades are to be expected. Nothing earth-shattering considering we already saw this in the iPad 2 many months ago.
  • An 8MP camera with 1080 video recording screams “me too”. A lot of earlier smartphones have this — SGS2, Optimus 2X, Sensation, etc. Camera quality is another thing though and is a saving-grace for the iPhone 4/4s. How about HSPA+? SGS2 already has that as well.
  • A 3.5-inch display for a smartphone is already considered an entry-level to mid-level display size. Newer and bigger display screens have been around since last year — 3.8″, 4.0″, 4.3″ and even 5.3″. Three-point-five is so June 2010.
  • We wanted to hear all the superlatives. The iPhone 4 claimed it was the thinnest smartphone in June 2010 at 9.3mm. The SGS2 and the Optimus Black (among others) have displaced the iPhone from that title for months now. We’re hoping the iPhone 4S would have reclaimed that title back.
  • The iPhone 4S’ crowning glory is Siri. Then again, it’s just an App which you can also install in other iOS5 devices so it’s a function that’s not inherent to the iPhone 4S.
  • The most obvious of all disappointments is that there was no re-design. The iPhone 4S is like the 3GS of the iPhone 3G. Nothing visually significant.

A lot of people have been asking me for months now if they should wait for the next iPhone or go ahead and get the Galaxy S2. I always tell them to go get the SGS2 right away. With the announcement of the iPhone 4S, I’m glad I know I did not disappoint them.

Then again, it’s really up to the individual user.

So let’s put it to a vote — do you like the new iPhone 4S?

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  1. there there. no need to whine about the iphone 4s release. I think apple purposely left the design unchanged because the 4 as we all know is a stunner. Premium materials (glass/metal) and a screen to die for. If they increased the screen size, then retina display would only be a technology breakthrough for a year. They can keep the ppi count but then they have to add more pixels and its a pain for app developers to do that. So I think apple did the right thing.

  2. I think your analysis with iPhone 4S and how Apple market and design their products are quite incorrect.

    Just like the early releases of iPhone devices, their hardware specifications are some what low compared to other brands. So you don’t have to be surprised if the current hardware of 4S was already been released by their competitors for months now.

    And also, Apple might stick with the 3.5 inch screen because of its one hand usability. You can’t touch all the area of a screen size bigger than 3.5 inch. If you want a bigger screen go for the iPad.

    • @koms – we will see if they stick to the 3.5″ screen once they introduce the next iPhone in 2012.

  3. Yep it’s just a possibility, we’ll see .. ;D

  4. Does anyone know the release date for the iPhone 5? Around when next year?

    • Only God knows JV. We only knew 4s’ (expecting for a 5) couple of days before it’s official release to the US market. Who knows apple might also release 4GS next year where we can put fancy back lights around the LCD and also invert it.

      prolly let’s call this 4S coping with an existing technology with an apple twist.

  5. Name: denkoi

    The iphone, for me, is the best smartphone. Resolution, interface, responsiveness, design. With the camera upgrade it has gotten so much better. It’s almost like owning a dslr, only smaller, easier to carry around with you.

    • dude you don’t know what you’re talking about, comparing the iphone 4s to a dslr :X that is way off. If you where to really compare a dslr with the iphones’ camera the dslr would rip it to shred… Enough with your crap :) the only selling point of the 4S is SIRI and spec. wise the iphone 3GS can even run it. >.< it's a ripoff

  6. iphone 4s is a pre iphone 5 and definitely the next generation would be a redesigned phone and its possible the guys at cupertino already have a prototype iphone 5 on a test phase so lets wait and see. Many people loved the iphone design elegant attractive & simple so why change the design just upgrade the hardware & software that’s what Steve Jobs had on his mind even before the 3gs launch. But the most noticable feature of iphone 4s would be Siri, it’s 4s exclusive only due to not its hardware but a bussines strategy for consumers to buy or upgrade to 4s. Siri is a server based application it will run on any iDevice as long as it’s running iOS 5 as a requirment. So lets sit back enjoy our iDevices and wait for the next iPhone release.


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