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July 12, 2011

BMW M5 2012 runs Twitter and Facebook Apps

Was watching Top Gear UK (S17, Ep3) last night when they featured the new 2012 BMW M5 and one of the hosts mentioned the car also runs Facebook and Twitter apps.

So I pulled up the BMW website and downloaded the M5 catalogue but there was nothing there. Looked for some photos of the interior but coud not find any that shows FB or Twitter on the dashboard screen.

The press release does mention it though:

Extensive range of driver assistance systems and mobility services from BMW ConnectedDrive unmatched by competitors in this segment and beyond: M-specific Head-Up Display (standard), Adaptive Headlights for standard xenon light, High-Beam Assistant, BMW Night Vision with pedestrian recognition, Lane Change Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System, Surround View, Speed Limit Info, internet usage, extended integration of smartphones and music players, real-time traffic information and apps for receiving Web Radio and using Facebook and Twitter.

In any case, I’m sure it’s there (along with the GPS navigation system) — it’s not just highlighted that much — which makes me wonder if this is the first sedan (and sports car) to have FB and Twitter on board.

The BMW M5 was announced in June 15, 2011 and is powered by an S360 twin-turbo V8 engine capable of chugging up to 540HP and runs from zero to 100km/ph in 4.4 seconds. The BMW M5 will sell for an estimated Php6.2 million before taxes.

20 Responses to “BMW M5 2012 runs Twitter and Facebook Apps”

  1. JC
    Twitter: avernusjc

    how could you drive and use twitter/facebook? Isn’t it gonna be illegal in most countries? it’s the same as using mobile phone while driving.

  2. yuga says:

    @JC – thought so too but I guess BMW thinks if you can use GPS while driving, why not FB and Twitter too?

    • benchmark says:

      Well GPS provides you directions. But FB and Tweeter??? Will it give you directions? Or distraction plus accident?

    • yuga says:

      @benchmark – actually MMDA recommends drivers to follow @mmda to get the latest traffic updates via Twitter.

  3. konqueror7
    Twitter: konqueror7

    this would just raise the accident rates. i hope the apps would be inactive when the car is in motion.

  4. razorous
    Twitter: razorous

    When MMDA tweets and GPS detects your in a heavy traffic route, your fb will automatically pop-up? :P

  5. goosebumps
    Twitter: iamreesemicah

    yuga, when are you getting your review unit?

  6. Earl says:

    6.2M ampf! Haha!

  7. Jonaflormicfren
    Twitter: daniojr

    It does shows that Twitter and Facebook invade the world.

  8. Calimanok
    Twitter: Calimanok

    6.2M seems too cheap for the value of an M5. That might be the 530d price or the M5 price abroad. The M3 is priced at 8M+ locally so it would be safe to say that the M5 will cost a whole lot more than that.

    This year’s pricelist:
    Sorry, just a car geek.

    • yuga says:

      @calimanok – if the luxury tax of imported cars in the Philippines is 100%, then the landed price could go as high as Php12.4 million.

  9. Jacen29 says:

    Alam ko meron ung chevorlet. Kasi pag nanonood ako ng glee dati sa HuLu may adds sila dun. Nagsasalita ung kotse ng mga feeds ng FB. Di ko lang alam kung may tweeter din un. Try nio isearch sa net. Pero definitely voice commended un at hindi parang comouter or tablet na may pipindutin ka to see the latest tweets por feeds

  10. greatdane says:

    Pag nagpost ka sa wall ng friends mo lalabas na ‘via BMW M5′ HAHA!

    • zgkent says:

      just wondered, what if the same technology is applied to a sarao jeepney….”via sarao jeep”…haha..

  11. mon says:

    sir..just wanna ask.. where do you watch top gear??:) tnx

  12. jm says:

    Download sa torrent ng Top Gear para HD version. Wala naman kasi TG dito or sa cable.

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