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September 04, 2014

Mandaluyong starts Motorcycle Riding-in-Tandem Ban

The City of Mandaluyong has started implementing the new city ordinance about riding-in-tandem. This is in response to a lot of robbery and murder incidents involving motorists that are riding-in-tandem.


Mayor Benhur Abalos has started mobilizing Mandaluyong Police to make sure all motorists that are riding-in-tandem are hailed, inspected/interviewed and apprehended when necessary.

There are several exceptions to the ban — one is if the backrider is a child between 7 to 10 years old (as per DOTC Code), second is if the backrider is a female; and 3rd is if the two male riders are relatives (up to 1st degree).

15 Responses to “Mandaluyong starts Motorcycle Riding-in-Tandem Ban”

  1. Gadgeteer says:

    this is a good move by the mayor, however the are loop holes to this, what if the passenger wears a wig or dresses to look like a female? in case of a male, what if the gun men are really brothers?

  2. martin says:

    kailangan pa magdala ng proof na magkapatid kayo? medyo hassle sa ating mga motorista pero i think ok naman un ginawa nya. i myself naghahatid sundo sa gf ko. kaya di ako masyado apektado dito. sana lang huwag pag piyestahan ng mga blue boys sa mandaluyong ang bagong batas na to.

  3. ichigo says:

    Kung maganda ang resulta nito, good job mayor.

  4. smh says:

    ”People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.”

    • Mon says:

      …was said by a person living at a time where they did not worry about potential terrorists/criminals hiding among the crowd

      but yes, it really is sad that we need to sacrifice freedom for security.

      with that said, I still think this law is stupid and can easily be broken.

    • tru says:

      Hassle? Yes. But better than nothing, but i’d like to see what smarter both of you have.

  5. Rabbit-kun
    Twitter: iammicael

    well, we won’t know that it works if we’re not going to try it. napakarampant na kasi ng victims ng riding in tandem

  6. Christian Andersen says:

    When the table at the restaurant or even a fast food chain is dirty, who do you think should clean-up?

    – Security Guard
    – Cashier
    – Delivery Guy
    – Mascot
    – CUSTOMER???

    I bet y’all know the answer

  7. Duh says:

    Push mo yan Mayor! Medyo katawa tawa lang tayo sa Pilipinas! Panindigan mo yan ha.

    On the other hand, mabuti din yan madaming checkpoint so madaming bantay sa kalsada. Pag walang ganitong order, tambay sa opisina ang mga pulis kaya mas dumadami criminal.

  8. Rainbow Rat says:

    Matanong ko lang: Sa dami ng checkpoints as Metro Manila, may naprevent na bang crime at nakahuli sila ng riding in tandem sa inspection?

  9. SpiderWak says:

    stupid band aid solution.. naubusan na ba ng utak ang Pilipinas?

  10. Front Rider says:

    bawal para back ride ha? pwes…

  11. OK yan mayor dapat riding in tandem na lng with a kid and a girl pero ung riding na lalake kasama ipag bawal na din yan

  12. benchmark says:

    Mobilize Police to look for riding in tandem? Sa akin lang, the increase of police visibility is very important…perhaps double or triple the police in motorcycle.

    Kasi sa umpisa lang na naman yan eh….after ilang weeks, wala na naman. I think the only solution to that is police visibility and tauhan yung mga may CCTV (hinde lang nagrerecord ng low res video ng crimes).

  13. inutil says:

    by an INUTIL MAYOR
    backed up by an INUTIL COUNCIL
    accepted by INUTIL CITIZENS


    This ordinance DEPRIVES the people of their right to travel, ROBS them of their hard earned income (PUTANG INA! ibibili na lang nang pagkain para sa nagugutom na pamilya ipang mumulta pa!) and DOES NOT really solve motorcycle-related crimes because it IGNORES the basic fact the PNP is incompetent!

    Kahit ilang libong batas pa yan laban sa motorcycle-riding criminals KUNG HINDI NAMAN KAYANG HABULIN nang pulis eh wala ding mangyayari!

    The reason motorcycles are favored by criminals as a get away vehicle is because the police doesn’t have the will nor the resources to go after them.

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