Motorcycle problems in the PH need to be addressed

I’m not a fan of motorcycles. Sure, they’re somewhat cool to look at and they’re really fast, but my experiences with them are a little off – they’re not the safest vehicle in the road, accidents are frequently associated with them, rowdy motorists cut impatiently through traffic & they’re often tools used by criminals riding in tandem.


Image Source: (RAYMOND BALA LACSA / Photoville International)

Just recently, a lot of pressure has been put onto the authorities as motorcyclists have been quite more disobedient as usual. Aside from speeding through main roads & highways, riding in tandem crime cases are now more prominent. Articles have been written about it and 9 minutes into Bandila’s January 14 episode, it has been reported that there were 1,700 cases in 2011 according to the PNP. My father was also recently one of the victims falling into a hold-up by two men on a motorcycle without a vehicle registration.

The Manila City Government is now on the works on implementing new laws regarding this, and the VACC (Volunteers Against Crime & Corruption) is also working on the formation of a new group, seeking a better hold on the industry. A few suggestions include the wearing of white helmets & numbered vests, the registration of helmets with the police & the baranggay and a speed limit of 30kms/hour.

I’ll admit, I don’t think the government would take immediate action on this case, but seeing that with the proper timing & the sufficient amount of loudness, I think we can actually push forward for change.

Toyota iRoad
Toyota i-Road showcased at CES 2014.

On another note, over at CES 2014, Toyota demoed their concept vehicle, the i-Road, which is something like an offspring of a motorcycle & an electric car that caught my full attention. It’s safer since it’s more of a smaller car than a motorcycle, it won’t go dangerously fast & it’s electrically environment-friendly.

For congested polluted cities such as ours, whose roads almost cannot expand anymore, cars get more in number every year & motorcycle accidents and crimes are frequent, cars like the i-Road are worth a look at. Give it more time to evolve and we’ll see.

There is still a lot more to fix regarding local transportation & the Philippines as a whole, but for now, I think I’ll end by saying this: technology is a way of doing things, and it can definitely further us into either progress or perdition. It all just depends on the attitude of the people now, on who is doing which. While we make the proper pushes to change society & technology, let’s all focus on the road and keep our attitudes clean. We’ll get there. Patience.

Update: Added links to Mayor Erap’s openness to banning motorcycle pillion riding.

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  1. After reading all these, one thing I’m sure: Yikes = Bob Freking. Message me Bob, I’ll make you realize what you’re saying. You know, YOU NEED BALLS TO RIDE A BIKE. SURELY YOU DOESN’T HAVE THAT. (But I’m sure you love those, right?)

    • Yikes...

      Sorry, I’m not Bob. And, I don’t write articles or blogs – ergo I’m not a writer.
      I do drive a truck, nowadays. Sarap sumabay sa mga rider. ;)
      I just can’t understand why people try to ignore facts.

    • @Yikes,

      The fact that 99.9% of our government officials are corrupt?
      The fact that erap is a convicted ‘mandarambong’?
      The fact that those riding in tandem criminals are ‘tuta’ ng mga pulis?

      I think those are the core problem, no need for a band-aid solution. They are barking at the wrong tree.

      A fact I agree, madaming pasaway na riders :) and I have my share ;)

    • Yikes...

      I hear you.
      I mean, you can present such “facts” or a hundred more of those, and, those are ideally needed to be addressed as well: those are equally important (if not more than pressing). But, maybe in threads or discussions of their own.

      The thing is, we’re on a specific subject matter here that is best discussed focusing on just the subject matter, daily troublesome riders. For this reason that the number of road accidents/mishaps (reported OR unreported; documented and undocumented) are getting far more significant (even more than issues on rowdy PUV drivers).

      And what’s more annoying… ang isa pang mahirap sa mga ‘pasaway na riders’ o mga nagmomotor, kapag nagsalita sila sa kalsada o kahit dito sa internet, parang sila palagi ang aping-api o palaging kawawa samantalang sila madalas ang offender. (okay, this bit here is going beyond the edge of this article posted here at Yugatech – hehe)

  2. What a lot of people don’t get is that some authorities and the criminals are working together. Police visibility won’t help as much. – Bob Freking

  3. juice ko po

    We can’t afford to get more law enforcers and equipments because we’re losing BIGTIME! B for billions a year! Susmaryosep! Dahil sa mga curropt govt officials natin. Kaya ipapapasan nalang sa lahat ng naka-motor ang gastos at abala dahil sa iilang Kriminal. Erap? PNP chief? Pwede patingin uli ng record nyo?! Ilang milyong motor ba meron sa pinas?Ano ba kasalanan ng riders at kelangang madamay sa gawa ng iilan? Tama nga na madaming pasaway na riders, ganun din naman ang drivers.

    Eh kung yung nawawala sa bayan ay ipinambili nalang ng motor panghabol sakay ay matitinong pulis riding in tandem. Ewan ko lang!

  4. Hen-Sheen

    The Toyota i-Road looks like a clone of the Kabuto Extender (Ex-mode); Clock-up!

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