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April 25, 2014

Nissan Note: world’s first self-cleaning car

Nissan is testing out a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic nano-paint technology called Ultra-Ever Dry which, in theory, should ward off water, oil and dirt from your car. As a proof of concept, the company has painted one half of the Nissan Note with the said coating while leaving the other half untouched. The result is actually pretty convincing.

The folks over at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe have driven the Nissan Note in various terrains and the fancy coating held up quite nicely in each of these conditions.

Now that the Ultra-Dry Ever coating has already proven its worth, the goal now for the company is to further develop the paint to make sure that it will stay in place for a longer period of time.

According to Nissan, they have not yet considered making the Ultra-Dry Ever as a staple for their upcoming cars, but they’re looking at the possibility of making it as an add-on feature in the future.


13 Responses to “Nissan Note: world’s first self-cleaning car”

  1. BENCHMARK says:

    wow! ang galing! yun lang, all cars can have this kind of coating in the near future, not only Nissan. (possible copycat coating)

  2. ambinp
    Twitter: ambinp

    this magic paint will cannibalize the car wash industry. uh oh. hehe

    • wordplay says:

      Cannibalize talaga? Car Coating at carwash? Same company sila, teh?

    • derp says:

      ^ ang tanga mo wordplay, di mo na gets

    • wew says:

      ayan natanga ka tuloy haha gamit din kasi ng utak.

    • Kris says:

      Makak save ako ng 200 per week dahil dito. But I wonder magkano din kaya addtional bayad sa bnew car if we get that paint hehe.

    • salingketket says:

      mga chupol kayo ang hindi nakagets kay wordplay! kapag sinabing cannibalize ibig sabihin 2 products from the same company. for example nakarelease na ngayon ang samsung galaxy s5, pero mas pinopromote ng samsung ang s4, edi hindi maeemphasize yung bagong product at magkakaroon ng cannibalization! INTERNET \m/

    • Grammar Police
      Twitter: deeessay

      Mali naman gamit nya ng cannibalize…

      Cannibalize (v)
      1. use (a machine) as a source of spare parts for another, similar machine.
      “cannibalizing two broken-down cars might provide spare parts to make one working car”
      (of an animal) eat (an animal of its own kind).

      Walang tumama kahit anong sense ng word ampt…

    • ambinp
      Twitter: ambinp

      it’s a metaphor. mga tanga. may nalalaman pa kayong definitions at wrong usage. hahaha

  3. Mon says:

    So it’s an improved version of a hyrdophobic coating/spray :D

    I’m still waiting for the day this can be permanently applied to small electronics (phones, batteries etc) hahaha

  4. wew says:

    maganda to para mas madali linisan ang sasakyan =) kaso ayoko ng ganitong coating sa 4×4 suvs,mas masaya magoffroad pag nakikita mong sobrang dumi ng sasakyan mo =)

  5. rickets says:

    using NeverWet magic spray.

  6. Howdy! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against
    hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

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