A 100 Blogs in 100 Days.

The Blog Herald is inviting all bloggers out there to join his little marketing project. So, what is it all about?

While others bleat on about diversity in the blogosphere, I’m going to show over the next 100 days some of the wonderful cross-section of blogs out there that others may not have yet discovered (including myself). It’s also your chance to get a post here at the Blog Herald just about your blog, and its all very simple.

The Blog Herald is #157 on Feedster’s Top500 blogs. That is something already. So, if your blog is mentioned or featured on his blog, expect a sudden rush of traffic. If you have AdSense, it might also get you a couple of bucks (maybe more). It’s also good for your Google PR.

What do you need to be listed?

Email me at editor@blogherald.com with subject line of “100 blogs in 100 days” with your blogs details (name, url etc..). You also need to include up to, but no more than 100 words about your blog, what it does, what it’s about, or why the readers of the Blog Herald should visit it that will be published as part of the post. In return though I’ll be inviting Blog Herald readers to provide some feedback in the comments here on what they think about your blog.

What are you guys waiting for? See ah there! ;)

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  1. And you also get a visit from me when I see your link about 100blogs in my Blogpulse link profile :-)


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