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Darren Rowse asks “Do you advertise your blog?“.

Why of course, everyone does. Its just a matter of up to what extent people advertise their blogs. Most people want free advertisements so they sign up with blog rings, blog forums, traffic exchange programs. Others are a little subtle but they’re pretty effective with leaving trackbacks and comments on other blogs within their niche.

The better question would be, how much are you willing to spend to advertise your blog? Some people spend some money on running contests or sponsoring one. Others do direct advertising. A lot of us around here do that.

I once got $30 in free AdWords (last year) account so I used it to advertise my blog. JAngelo used to run AdWords and I often see his ads on as well as Marc during the first few days of the contest. Same with Rickey for his Live @ USA podcast; used to see his ads around here for entries related to “pinoy/filipino”. I’ve also seen BryanBoy buying BlogAds over at XiaXue‘s blog and another Gawker Media blog (forgot which one). And those are ad spots in the hundreds of dollars.

More interesting to know though is how effective these ads are for their blog. If they earn more than enough from their own blog, I think it is wise to invest some of the revenues back to advertising and increase traffic.

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  1. The other way to look at this is whether running those ads generated enough new regular visitors to warrant further investment in advertising. Seth Godin says that you should never stop marketing your product (in this case, your blog) and that you should always invest a certain percentage of your monthly resources into marketing. Now, marketing is less specific than advertising because marketing could just be linkbacks, or posting your stuff to social news networks.

    Unless you’re a pro, I don’t really believe in buying advertising for your blog, because it casts your blog in an unfairly “professional” light. In other words, if people found your blog by way of an ad you placed, their expectations are greater; if you don’t deliver, they will be much more likely to be disappointed.

    For personal blogs I think the best way to get attention is still the old-fashioned method of listening to other people’s conversations and joining in every now and then. It doesn’t cost you anything in terms of cash, and only costs a little bit more online time to accomplish.

  2. Instead of just advertising your blog, why not advertise a particular post or page in your blog.

    That page can have some kind of call to action (e.g., subscribe to an rss feed or newsletter, leave a comment, email a questions, etc), motivated by some kind of reward (e.g., free downloadable report).

    With that set-up, you can better track how effective your advertising is.

  3. Oh god, I used to advertise all over the place. I’ve been advertising at for the past 6 months now and it’s worth the $800/month fees :)


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