Filipino Catholics petition against Bryanboy

So, I was emailed about this one just now and it says:

I am writing to you with hopes that you spread our outrage. We’re appalled that one of the country’s top bloggers is an anti-christ. How dare he make a joke out of Jesus by posting disturbing photos on his blog.

Please spread the word about this sinner and help us with our petition.

Kenneth Ocampo

The post above shows a picture of a Brit guy beside a cross with Jesus Christ holding a bag in a Bryanboy fashion.

I have nothing against Bryanboy and I don’t know him personally (though we had some email exchanges before and he occasionally leaves comments on my blog ) but I guess the pictures he posted is kinda offensive to the Catholic Church.

Caution: The rest of the pictures in his blog are NSFW.

This is not the first time I get emails from people complaining about Bryanboy and the contents of his blog. But it’s not my blog nor I have any control over it. We’re on thin ice here.

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  1. Not that I’m antichrist, but I can’t see the point of hating the person when he’s simply against your faith. Hating and degrading the person with those “how dare he…” comments are proof enough that Christianity in the Philippines is mostly for show. I’ve been taught to accept other people regardless they hate my faith or not. If you can’t stand it, there’s no reason to hate him back. Why not preach to him or maybe try role-modeling? Sheesh.

  2. One cannot say that “I can say whatever I want to say because this is my blog”—the fact that you are sharing your thoughts in written form for the whole world to read, now makes your blog “not exclsuive” to you as you SHARE them your thoughts and the fact that blogging comes with a feature of “posting comments” make one’s blog not exclusive.

  3. free speech. unless he is violating intellectual property rights, he is entitled to post anything he wants.

    do you remember an incident in europe where mohamedans burned public buildings down because they happen to dislike a comic strip.

    that and this happening now with bryanboy is the same banana. people do not know how to respect secular values like free expression.

  4. Mother Mary

    Thankyou for introducing me to byranboy by yr protest. He is soooooo funny. Cheers!

  5. Who give a crap? It’s his blog and he can post whatever he wants. The Philippines has other problems such as sick and starving children and women prostituting themselves due to lack of money. While don’t these protesters protest against that?

  6. Well…I guess bloggers should really be more responsible. (^_^)

  7. jojo somar

    -galit sila sa Catholic church (kinakantyawan)
    -minamaliit si Jesus (sa Biblia o sa Simbahan)
    -kinokomparar kahit kanino

    mamamatay din kayo at haharap din kayo kay Jesus.
    sige tawa kayo…

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