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May 19, 2006

Technorati Tag “Philippines” for all Pinoy Blogs

We’ve discussed the issue of how to tag blogs as Pinoy for a localized search with Migs, I suggested that Technorati tagging could be a good method to approach the problem.

The same solution could be used for identifying the Philippine’s Technorati Top 100 here. But not everyone is subscribed to Technorati and not all Filipino bloggers are using “Philippines” as one of their tags.

Take a look at this: Blogs about: Philippines on Technorati. It already ranks blogs that has the tag “Philippines” on their profiles. As of now, tehcnorati has tracked 598 blogs about “Philippines” and you can sort it by popularity and by “recently updated”.

The problem is that anyone can actually use the tag if they wish to. But it’s a good starting point to look for more “link popular blogs” we don’t know about.

I suggest every Pinoy should use “Philippines” as one of their Technorati profile tags and promote it to other Filipino bloggers. And since this tag filter has an OPML you can download, it might be a good way to automatically aggregate them into another separate site like Pinoyblog, right?

3 Responses to “Technorati Tag “Philippines” for all Pinoy Blogs”

  1. ade says:

    Good idea! Will do that, Master Yuga!!!

  2. nel says:

    bright idea! :)

  3. aeroz says:

    nice job…. this will help us pinoy’s a lot…

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