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December 13, 2006

We’ve got Markku on board TBH

We’ve got Markku on board the Blog Herald.

I’ve been an avid reader of his blog for the longest time and his experience in the world of blog design and usability sure will be a good addition to our upcoming pool of writers there.

Do congratulate him on his first career problogging gig.

16 Responses to “We’ve got Markku on board TBH”

  1. leon says:

    Sir Abe,

    Your link to markku’s blog is misspelled. :)

  2. Kiven says:

    nax sir abe, pakisama na din Markku sa mga sponsors ng blogger meet sa 22. hehe

  3. pogi says:

    are you going to for a round of Chicken Joy or Starbucks at the meeting… stop teasing us? Your previous post said you might

  4. pogi says:

    haha just kidding… congrats

  5. yuga says:

    @ pogi

    Let’s ask Markku if he will. ;)

  6. pogi says:


    Do you think blogging is the next best thing on the internet?

  7. noel says:

    Hey Congrats Markku!

  8. markku says:

    Thanks guys! :)

    Libre? Di ko pa alam, we’ll see. Hehehe.

  9. pogi says:


    Someone said ““I’ll treat everyone to a round of Chickenjoy or Starbucks (that way I could get my card stamped)”.

    Read the post under the title “How about a Blogger Christmas Meetup on Dec. 22?”

    Sounds like it is taken care of by someone. Everyone read it for yourself.

  10. pogi says:

    I maybe wrong… Don’t quote me on that… just read the post and confirm it to make sure…

  11. Marc says:

    Markku, congrats bai! usa ra ka red horse bai, solb na ko :)

  12. jun
    Twitter: asislearning

    congrats markku!

  13. kynnilings says:

    «Только не в образованном обществе, с толковым правительством. Цены должны падать в действительности. Конечно, часто это остается теорией. Цены идут вверх из-за жадности и страха, вызванными невежеством. Если бы в школах людей учили разбираться в предмете денег, у всех было бы больше денег, а цены были бы ниже, но школы фокусируются лишь на обучении людей работать на деньги, ради денег, а не на то, как управлять силой денег».

    Спасибо человечеству!

    Мой сайтик

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