What if you earn $14,436.45 a month for blogging?

Sounds incredulous but it’s very well true. Darren of ProBlogger.net just got his biggest monthly cheque from Google at the amount of $14,436.45. That’s more than Php800,000 at the current peso exchange rate. And he got all that just for the month of May.

This got everybody talking about him even before he got Slashdotted a couple of days ago.

Even if you only get 10% of that a month around here, it’s still big bucks. And all I get is a measly hundred bucks each month. Mr. ProBlogger has already even bought a house from his previous earnings.

Darren’s blogs (all 20 of them) are a living proof that one can really make it full-time just blogging. Well, he spends 8 to 12 hours a day reading and writing blogs but, he’s getting hits even while flying to some conference or seminar. And he’s been at it for years now.

In the local scene, I only know of a handful (2 or 3 other people) Pinoy bloggers who are able to get past the $100-barrier each month. There are still others though who run online directories, link farms and content factories (re-publishing lifted text) to earn the clicks.

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